Philips Fizz

Philips Fizz

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  • patx

it was my first phone, unfortunately, it got old and i bought a smartphone but i still use mine - it belongs to one off my house walls

  • Bob R

I believe a few of these comments must be intended for a different product. The Philips Fizz was launched in 1996 or 1997 and was hopelessly outdated in 1998.

  • Ogrim

This is the best phone ever made! I still use mine ^__^

  • Nuff Nuff

Best phone ever so much better than any modern phone has big buttons and big screen.

  • One Satisfied Philli

I bought one and the quality of the digital camera and video i captured is excellent. Far better then my freiend's SE S700 or woteva. Get this phone, you will not regret it!

  • m.isro'uddin

i think that's oke for comunication.
could I get philips fizz just for comunication,please?
could you sent aphilips fizz ?
Iwill thanks so much to you.
please send to : mochamad isrouddin.
JL. mayjend panjaitan XV no. 64 malang
0341 575932 thanks

  • peter smildo

it is a very good telephone
hi is not dreadless always i need a

  • Anonymous

excelent phone...does it has colour screen and digital camera?....i want three of it!!

  • Graham

Are you able to supply replacement batteries for my Philips Fizz cell phone? If you are, would you be prepared to post them to South Africa. Obviously, I would be prepared to pay for any postage and packing.

  • douglas newcomb +spo

Jeremy Paxman has more fashion sense than whoever desinged these! Nokia 2110 sucks big time as well

  • Frohn

Send me manuals for Philips Fizz

  • Peter

How does the call restriction work. When I set it to Names Only it retricts calls to only names saved in the phone. But when I switch the phone off then on I can no longer call names in the directory. All calls are restricted.

  • april

Where I can see manual on Fizz?

  • Paul

Its to heavy!!!But easy in use

  • tata

where can I get an online copy of the manual,seems like the manual in the philips website is already stricken out .

  • andrei


  • Anonymous

very primitive. should have launched it 10 yrs ago. Good thing that Philips decided to stop going into the c/phone business. biggest mistake!!!

  • Anonymous

Worst phone EVER? I'm serious

  • Thomas P. Nyakyi

Could I get the USER'S manual