Philips M600

Philips M600

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  • Anonymous

does it have FM radio? plz inform me!

  • Anonymous

This phone can play mp3 for 12 hrs.

  • neno

Where the hell do u think the battery would be???.um maybe like,inside the phone- like every other!!!!

  • ChrisB

v. similar to SE W610....

  • Anonymous

is it true??? 40hrs playback??? but where is the battery??? cant see it...does it have good sound quality??? like 3D, rock, jazz or whatever?

  • Paber - Indonesia

Wow...Great music phone. It should accompany me along the road, 40 hours music palyback...really nice, but, when will u came to the reality???

  • james fuentes

any current users in the house? i would like to know if this good lookin phone has the following:

equalization options (either manual or choosing between jazz, rock or pop)
a animated skin
supports and displays album art
and is either as powerful or more powerful (audiowise) than the walkman phones of sonyericsson.

need your feedback and experience :)

  • Jacky

i'm sure it's what i want.really nice.

  • Adele

Below is supposed to read Adele the designer's sis.

  • Adele the designer'

My little brother rocks. He is a genious designer and a great guy. The phone is stunning, I'm so proud of him.

  • Anonymous

This phone looks frekishly awesome!

  • His Mother

Great design - great designer!

  • Anonymous

looks Great! very sleek... Good Job Russell! Philips NY =D

  • TC16

philips m600
looks very nice and 40hours musia play back is a WOW
a se w350 competeder
but wil never have the sound quilty

  • A.L.

For those people who think Philips is still doing in cell phones: Allthough its a pity Philips didnt pay attention to the quality of a manufacturer, who trades with the brand Philips, because normally stand for its good quality of its products.

All made by CEC. China Electronics Company, who bought the whole Philips Mobile Phones business. The "Xenium" brand, which is associated with long-battery life, is transferred to CEC under the terms of the agreement. CEC has received an exclusive license to market and sell mobile phones under the Philips brand for five years.

  • Anonymous

i think it's high time for PHILIPS and MOTOROLA to merge...
Just a suggestion...

  • Anonymous

Top marks for design, but not much else

  • Schernakov

I am a Philips user. i use the xenium and no one today can beat the Philips Xenium battery technology. I think I give them credit for this and I think Philips is for a diffrent market and not for the High tech 5MP, wifi etc kind of market. They are doing preety well here in Russia.

  • philips

shame philips shame

in this time where others are providing wifi,5mp camera.mp4,divx,gps and all others stuff,there is nothing in this phone why the hell philips are wasting there time and other ppl time.please i request the philips do not come to this hass4els and u are good and reputed company

  • abhi

dual band phone....r u serious. If it is for music freaks then where is the FM feature. This is a joke.