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  • smolny
  • Mke
  • 03 Jan 2013

Fully agree - one othe best ever. My first, still in use (as a "domestic phone"), original battery easy to replace with 3xAAA accu. At the launch time, definitely THE BEST, had all the features I looked for: calendar with organizer, vibration, rising ring/alarm tones (not so obvious even nowadays, as Androids don't have it "natively"). Came with fully functional voice dial/command. Exceptional sensitivity, kept me connected even in places "out of range" for my other 3 phones.

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    • Anonymous
    • fj}
    • 24 Jun 2010

    This was probably one of THE best phones I have ever had (in it's time) - and I have had a few. The nice copper/gold finish received many compliments, and the carousel menu was a joy to operate. Only drawback was that the vibrator broke off on the inside, and from that day on vibrate alert would sound like a diesel engine starting up - produced many laughs in boardrooms!

    I still have the phone, and would probably still be using it if it wasn't that the proprietary charger stopped functioning, and therefore I cannot charge the battery.

    One of the best phones - and made in France!

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      • Anonymous
      • m%Q
      • 15 Jun 2010

      My first phone ever, and i still have it, and still works fully. but i use htc s now. Difference big isn't it? :D

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        • wildcat
        • mT@
        • 31 Aug 2009

        It is a great phone during its time. The Price to function-wise it was better than the Nokias of the same year. The battery save function was a very useful. Its got a really powerful vibrate alarm. so much that it almost got me into an accident while riding my motorbike with the phone in my front pants pocket.

        easy one hand control with either left or right hand.

        The best part is its calendar/events function. Its good as forever if the phone can live as long.

        the only thing missing is a good after sales service. If Philips had one, i'd still be using my Ozeo till today. I could not get a replacement for the antenna that i broke.

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          • carkitter
          • vnI
          • 14 May 2008

          I've still got one aswell! Unfortunately the battery no longer works.

          It was an awesome phone in its day. The award winning 'carousel' menu operated by a scroll wheel on the LHS made it easy to operate and the 50 available icons were great for personalising my txt messages. The blue display is cool too!

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            • Anonymous
            • jW$
            • 31 Oct 2007

            I've still got this handset!

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              • k.darko
              • T62
              • 15 Jun 2005

              oh what a fone ! l bought this fone early february 2000 and have used it till now. it was even used slightly b4 l had it but am still using it with all the accessories it came with same battery same charger and same fone.its a shame production is no more.thanks

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                • Noah
                • nHR
                • 14 Feb 2005

                This is a very good phone I have ever come across. For example I bought Motorolla v66,approximately £240.00 and After a year it is worthless of its service although I did not use it very rarely. Even Motorolla's
                battery completely done and ozeo is more than 4 ears and still going on well except damage to the body due to accidental fall. I would be happy to buy another second hand ozeo if any one selling or giving away.

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                  • moy
                  • 02 Nov 2004

                  i've used philips ozeo for more that 2 years now and i like this phone.
                  But i have a problem, it hangs and i cannot continue on the MENU, i cannot dial any #'s, i cannot call, but the phone off works... anyone have any idea what is the problem? or how to fix this problem? thank you very much.

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                    • AAJ
                    • 30 Jul 2004

                    My Ozeo is very cool but there is great problem of finding accecories in Pakistan secondly i have searched for over a month but cannot find asite which has melodies in Ozeo format

                    I think this is a disgrace to Ozeo what can be done if there is any site plz specify

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                      • lusweti
                      • 15 Jul 2004

                      the phone has got all the good futures as mentioned above but how do you know tha the batt is low coz for my case it just goes off without warning please asssist where possible coz i do like my phone.

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                        • lusweti
                        • 15 Jul 2004

                        the phone has got all the good futures as mentioned above but how do you know tha the batt is low coz for my case it just goes without warning please asssist where possible coz i do like my phone.

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                          • Daniel Madumelane
                          • 29 Apr 2004

                          I'm about 2 years with this phone and worked fine but currently I'm experiencing some problems with it. Whenever I call or receive a call the it gives a lot of noisy during the fisrt 10 seconds and then the noisy desappear. I don't know what's going on with my phone. Can you please help me troubleshooting this problem?

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                            • me
                            • 16 Mar 2004

                            too bad it had to be discontinued

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                              • ernest
                              • 14 Mar 2004

                              the ozeo was one of the best phones when it comes to vibration. it could sing and vibrate at the same time, it could vibrate when receiving an sms, it could vibrate when delivering a status note after sending the sms, it could vibrate when an organiser event showed up and it could vibrate when the alarm went off!!
                              the organiser was also one of the best ive come across, storing up to 40 events which could be repeated every year, month, week, day and so on (vibrating all the time if u want it to, mind you!).
                              the graphics were also above average, the menus were easy to navigate, the keypad was great etc etc
                              the major problem with the ozeo was that it only had to drop once and the vibrator got broken and started making one hell of a racket!!!! the size also takes some brownie points away from it; and the aerial as well.
                              all in all, id give the ozeo 90% for its functions. ive had a hard time finding an affordable phone that could vibrate as well as the ozeo, and that has an organiser as comprehensive as the ozeo. the motorola T191 is the WORST of the lot!!!!!

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                                • Andrey
                                • 02 Jul 2003

                                The great cellular phone.
                                I owner this it.
                                I like it

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                                  • Andrey
                                  • 07 Jun 2003

                                  I have Philips ozeo, I likes it
                                  But screen lightning dosn`t work now

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                                    • Tirumala
                                    • 22 Nov 2002

                                    Is that possible to download a ring tone in OZEO. please let me know about it.
                                    Thanking you, tirumala.

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                                      • Randy Barrido
                                      • 12 Sep 2002

                                      your representative in the Philippines does not carry accessories of philips ozeo . It seems it is interested only in selling the units without considering after sales needs of customers. it does not even have an authorized service center in davao, a major city in southern philippines. it really pissed me off.

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                                        • Buky_Tisoy
                                        • 02 Jul 2002

                                        Ozeo?....My's very bulky..hard to carry. I just hope that its design will be modified just like that of nokia and the features too.