Philips Ozeo 8@8

Philips Ozeo 8@8

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  • khaled

how many ringtones? and numbers in phonebook

  • East, keep trying!
Size:Just not good enough!
Features:Useless zoom function for a 5 line screen, lack of small details
Games:Congratulations!Bricks!Finally something good!

  • Byron

It is a good mobile. It is very strong because it daqqiet.10x

  • avinash

i wish to buy a philips ozeo 8@8
i am staying in india
i would like to know if its possible for me to get one.
how much will it cost me
send me the details

  • $@

sorry kwas mun e-mail adres vergeten :)

  • $@

nice nice nice but the wapping is kut :) slaap lekker