Philips Spark

Philips Spark

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  • Sine

Good phone. I liked a lot.

  • tailland

Normal version has 600mh battery. Infact, the manual lists 6 different battery types ranging from 400-4000mahs.

The user interface is not intuitive at all.

  • Phillip

Easy 4k mAh. Batteries back then were big. They also went dead quickly because the phones weren't very economic.
Sort of like saying "that '68 camaro can't have a 502 under the hood"
sure it can. It's just not good on gas.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Apr 2015it can't be 4000mah maybe 400mah

  • Anonymous

I had this phone back in 1998, and what I remember it being was its numerous returns to the service. At first phone called last number I've called by itself, and that wass fixed but then vibration alert kept on during the whole call. Funny fact about that was that friend I was calling asked whether I'm shaving while on the phone.
There was some more minor nuisances, which were eventually fixed but last time they appeared I threw phone into the sea, which I regret. Not for losing the phone and SIM card, but for polluting environment with electronics waste..

  • Anonymous

it can't be 4000mah

  • xela

the buttons on this philip spark when you would text and use t9 word.. over time did the buttons get worn out?

  • Blaze

4000 mAh battery? o.O

  • ruddy davis

what is the default nck code for philips spark mobile 1999

  • AhaLousi

I lost the charging, do you have a link to buy an other?

  • Searcher

italianhanno, 02 Oct 2010I still have the one i bought in 1998. Perfectly working, 2... moreHi, i am from Miri Spark was also my first Hphone, but i trade it in for a newer model and now i am willing to pay for a working Phillip Spark, if you do know who has one and willing to sell please info...

  • AnonD-18359

It was my first mobile phone ! In 1999 !

  • italianhanno

I still have the one i bought in 1998. Perfectly working, 2 batteries. I use it once a month for fun. Great phone for that time !

  • ceciliaindonesia

The most tough handphone that I ever had. I remembered when I used them on 1998. Once, I plunged it to the closet and so amazing, my Spark was still worked until I changed it to another one because I want another new handphone. It's pity the brand of Philips in my country has no a good secondary price. That makes me to think twice if I want to buy one. But still, Bravo Philips Spark...!!!

  • Asyraf188.blogspot.c

I use this phone on 1998, this phone i got for free when my father buy a cd player, this phone so cool and heavy duty and heavy weight , i throw this phone to dog that are chase me , then the dog is die, hwahwahwa , i hope philips can produce this phone again , ha3

  • Anonymous

Hello, i think i have one of the first handsfreesets of the Spark, but the phone itself does not function anymore. The electronics is build in behand the clothdepartment. Where can i please find a working Phone?

  • philips project mana

i am the project manager of philips i really like this phone still using it .
it is very usefull now hehe kidding i throw from the 4th floor

  • Bob

Anonymous, 14 May 2009Love this phone, my first contract phone!I'm interested in the voice dialing feature of the Spark. This phone predates a patent we are trying to bust that claims to have invented voice dialing. If anyone familiar with this phone would like to discuss, please email me at Thanks!

  • Anonymous

Love this phone, my first contract phone!