Philips V787

Philips V787

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  • tew
  • 23 Feb 2021

This and Siemens Gigaset gs270 are the lightest phones with huge batteries

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    • Borcejn
    • 3si
    • 05 Jun 2019

    This phone has no compass ... it has a magnetometer supposedly, but it shows strange values. Unless I got a damaged model?

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      • Martin
      • Aqn
      • 11 Mar 2018

      moorbek, 10 Mar 2018Greetings, I found one and only one here in Saudi Arabia ... moreIn the meantime Philips launched an improved V787;the V 787 Plus.But as far as I know;only for sale in Russia..

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        • moorbek
        • 7Pu
        • 10 Mar 2018

        I found one and only one here in Saudi Arabia just awhile ago, 10.03.2018. I was about to buy it because of the battery capacity at 5000ma.
        Box sealing still intact.

        but when I checked the review I backed out.

        Is it good or not good?

        Philips V787, enlighten me... :-)

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          • AnonD-726798
          • y$6
          • 28 Dec 2017

          Anonymous, 07 Sep 2016What's the processorMediaTek MT6753 @1.3 GHz (28nm NFET)
          Mali-T720 @450 MHz
          At about 350EUR, it's pretty expensive for those specs.
          But hey, it's Philips. No question about their build quality.

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            • Awdi
            • 3Sf
            • 05 Nov 2016

            how in the world is this phone good, I have one of the first, I received it for testings and needs improvement for sure
            maybe i over used it, and damn i used it like hell, if it is for testing then you test it; but what i want to say that this phone is not that light, CPU not so interesting, yes, Lollipop is good and the display flawless but the rest, pf, BT is not that wow, the back/home..are double, on screen and on the phone plus many more, so i think you guys have a problem with money and cant afford something else, cause i wouldent buy it, me, i just received it for free testing

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              • AnonD-178968
              • PAf
              • 13 Sep 2016

              td, 29 Apr 2016gsmarena can you do a proper review of a philips phone, sin... moreI hope so too!!.......

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                • Anonymous
                • vGf
                • 07 Sep 2016

                What's the processor

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                  • td
                  • uUS
                  • 29 Apr 2016

                  gsmarena can you do a proper review of a philips phone, since when was last review?

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                    • AnonD-530197
                    • B}4
                    • 25 Apr 2016

                    AnonD-530197, 25 Apr 2016anyone have this phone?how much price us$...the most awesom... morewith xenium tech of this huge battery you can talk 47 hours constantly

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                      • AnonD-530197
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                      • 25 Apr 2016

                      Newby, 17 Apr 2016Road Runner....Best....smartphone...everanyone have this phone?how much price us$...the most awesome thing about the weight...with this huge battery is just 164gram...its incredible
                      with bluesoft tech, you can watch the display constantly without any harm for ur eyes

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                        • Newby
                        • XMu
                        • 17 Apr 2016

                        Road Runner....Best....smartphone...ever

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                          • AnonD-522488
                          • 7Pw
                          • 04 Apr 2016

                          is this best phone ?