Philips W9588

Philips W9588

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  • Kresna Adi Surya

I love Android Flip Phone. but it's so hard to find those kinds in Indonesia. I should buy Galaxy Golden in China first.

But I cannot find this phone still in China.
Where does actually Philips sell this phone?

  • Nygus

Where Can I buy this phone? I Looked at E-bay,but no Luck:( Can You recommend any web side?

  • AnonD-221507

why can't I find a link to this phone on youtube, sighs

Looks great, specs are OK too. I wish Motorola made something like this, but if they can't it's their loss. Just remembered how much I liked my old flip phone.

  • ousss

Funmap, 02 Jan 2014I just got the phone. It is a bit heavy but no more than my HTC ... morehi can you guys help me from where i can buy this phone, coz i need it to dubai UAE

  • Michael

Again limited 3g connectivity!
They can't make these type of phones with much larger screens, which I understand because the phone will be too long when opened, however there is no excuse for having limited 3g in a quad core phone!

Why no company would make a large screen phone with a simple physical four physical keys for menu navigation? It will make the phone an inch or less longer but will bring a lot of convenience to browse through the phone's menu with physical keys instead of touch command. And touch will be left only for texting and web browsing.

  • Funmap

I just got the phone. It is a bit heavy but no more than my HTC One Max with case, and it is finally a powerful flip phone. I really like the fact that it even has a notification LED, which alerts you about incoming/missed calls, texts etc.

I checked the specs of the W2014 and while it has a faster processor, better camera (though the Philips one seems to be good) and is a bit thinner and lighter, I cannot believe that Samsung is charging so much for it.

Finally a powerful flip phone that does everything a normal smartphone does. The price is high, but the phone comes with a lot of accessories including case, 2nd battery, external battery etc. and you can be sure that not many people have it!

  • owen

I like that. .probably only a Japanese release. .

  • Sai

Atleat has a chance to take edge on sammy galaxy golden 19230