Philips X2300

Philips X2300

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  • eric0180

Is this available in the Philippines?

  • AnonD-609866

Hi there,

Can anyone help me, if I buy this phone will I be able to connect or pair my wireless Bluetooth headphone with it.
Many thanks

  • Dmitry

Great phone.

With 1 SIM card can work up to 1 month on one charge. A bit less with 3 cards (couple of weeks, depends on the amount of talking).

Flashlight. Everyone needs one sooner or later.

1. Central button ring thing is not really convenient (Unless you have really miniature hands).
2. Bought mine in Russia, so I shouldn't complain that there was no Chinese language support... But now I'm in China, I could use one...

  • Bobdetroit

Hi, i have it from Ukraina...;)

  • AnonD-230999

Please please please where can I get one? I'm all the way in Nigeria & I swear this is something I need, bad. Somebody help me.

  • raj

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  • Angry Goalkeeper

Bravo Philips! finally I get to see a triple sim functionality phone, not bad, actually it is cool to have one. But I'm expecting a triple sim functionality smart phone, by the way I salute Philips for this. Keep up the good work! and you all have a nice phone day.