Philips X550

Philips X550

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  • twenttysix

Ahya, 23 Mar 2010hi i just got this phone. It looks really nice. It dsnt have ... moreCan you please tell me what's the real capacity of the battery(mAh) ?!

Thank you very much

  • Ahya


i just got this phone. It looks really nice. It dsnt have 3g or all that kid of fancy tech but if you are looking for a phone without 3g it is very good. Few problems you can either get it from Russia or china so good luck getting hands on it. Then the manual either in Chinese or Russian so if u know Chinese or Russian u r good. I took the hard way which is experiment. Screen is very vivid and crisp and software is easy to use. I would give it 4 out of 5.

  • Alexi, Russia

What about SAR? Who knows?

  • Anonymous

still waiting for symbian based philips. Love the battery life already, but it needs brain to perfected it

  • Anonymous

wow... 720 hours of stand by time... that's one month!!!

  • Mobilemaster

YOU ARE WEAK Philips, you even don't have a phone with Wi-Fi and GPS! What can I tell about an OS?? I am really sorry for Philips, they are very weak! This phone looks very good, but why they don't add a Wi-Fi?

  • Anonymous

the photo of this phone is not correct. that is the X810! X550 is a bar phone that is the sister to this design.

  • Mr. Knowitall

Don't expect these phones in Europe though...

  • jay

the design is great..