Philips X620

Philips X620

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  • steu
  • 3RI
  • 15 Aug 2012

Excellent phone, for autonomy and for the connection. Serious defect in privacy: in the options of sending sms there is a list of "recently used" that can not be erased. This can be a very serious .... If anyone knows a possible remedy, I will avoid throwing away the phone

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    • the price is a keywo
    • 0wa
    • 28 Feb 2010

    I am eager to have a device that can stay on one month and serves as a phone. My experiences are that expensive PDA should be separated from phone, else you have not a good phone, neither a good PDA.

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      • Anonymous
      • 9xH
      • 22 Feb 2010

      i thk this fone looks very bad and do not like the make of this fone i dnt knw the inventors waste money

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        • Anonymous
        • PFx
        • 25 Nov 2009

        still waiting for symbian based philips. Love the battery life already, but it needs brain to perfected it

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          • Woody
          • ID3
          • 09 Oct 2009

          Gripes, Uses USB headphones which are not readily available. Occasionally the phone has turned off on its own for no apparent reason. My first experience with cell phone cameras, so I have nothing to compare it to, but the capture time is lengthy, so often while you are waiting for the capture to happen, you end up moving the phone and capturing a blurred image. Images cannot be zoomed on the phone. PC Software does not permit accessing all the fields actually available on the phone, example - address - is on the phone, but this field is not available in the software. Music volume is very low. You cant really hear it at all in an airplane due to background noise.
          One touch dialing, not all phones have it. Hands free mode works well. Great battery life. Micro SD memory can be designated as the default device for pictures, music, etc. 8gb limit is lots. Alarms and dual mode time is a nice feature. Can read basic text files. Small, and I personally like a candy bar shape - no flip phones please, but thats a personal choice. USB charging, FM radio (need the USB headphone which acts as an antenna) is nice to have. Alarms are loud and very customizable.
          Dont read too much into the gripes, it is still a great phone with great battery life. The unknown shutdowns concerned me for a while, but they have not happened often and I am hoping there will be a firmware update for this problem eventually. This is a great basic phone. If you want a touch screen with larger viewing area, this is not the one you want, but if you want a basic very functional phone, consider it.

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            • xman
            • pJW
            • 24 Jul 2009

            brilliant battery i get 3 to 4 weeks standby..

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              • twenttysix
              • nDW
              • 09 Jul 2009

              Hi there Ls & Gs,

              Battery capacity is 1530 not 1200!!


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                • Anonymous
                • uE5
                • 14 Jun 2009

                when will it come to indonesia? i've been waiting it too long.

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                  • twenttysix
                  • 3Ke
                  • 14 May 2009

                  over all ladies and gents .... it's a better phone then most are on the market slick and well built ... if your purpose is speaking .. 'cause the battery life is just the right type, for that purpose!
                  so go ahead buy it:
                  comes around 210euro without country tax!
                  on top of that philips lovers, this one is QUADBAND!!!

                  Best of Luck!

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                    • KL
                    • ib0
                    • 14 May 2009

                    xman, 13 May 2009I have this phone ordered will be here in a few days will g... moreWhere are you from?

                      • x
                      • xman
                      • S00
                      • 13 May 2009

                      I have this phone ordered will be here in a few days will give you my verdict on it . .

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                        • YNWA
                        • 2Wp
                        • 07 May 2009

                        XMAN, 05 May 2009anyone who owns this phone how many days you get from the b... more5-6 calls per day.
                        Each call around 3 mins.
                        Battery live around 3 weeks.

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                          • XMAN
                          • pJW
                          • 05 May 2009

                          anyone who owns this phone how many days you get from the battery truth..

                            • K
                            • KL
                            • ib0
                            • 04 May 2009

                            Still waiting......

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                              • 3g-importanto
                              • PAq
                              • 03 May 2009

                              i love the specs of this cell except lack of 3g (which is very important for me). Wake up, philips! it's 2009 and not 1999. Almost every manufacturer has a 3g cell on their line up.

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                                • KL
                                • PUi
                                • 21 Apr 2009

                                vijay, 15 Apr 2009we have use this before 3yearsThis phone aready in market for 3 years?

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                                  • vijay
                                  • vGY
                                  • 15 Apr 2009

                                  KL, 07 Apr 2009Hi Hindustani, have you tested the phone already? we have use this before 3years

                                    • K
                                    • KL
                                    • ib0
                                    • 07 Apr 2009

                                    Hindustani, 14 Mar 2009Philips-India website has got both the Philips X620 and X71... moreHi Hindustani, have you tested the phone already?

                                      • k
                                      • korek
                                      • psa
                                      • 06 Apr 2009

                                      So far, my best mobile phone. I love it.

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                                        • 97876578546758475457
                                        • nwj
                                        • 18 Mar 2009