Philips X630

Philips X630

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  • umesh

i wii see all the features of this mobile,is it related to NOKIA or not?

  • Anonymous

Rachael, 18 Aug 2010Honestly, i just want to buy this phone for backup phone. Looks... moreCheck out.,X630,­Phone,unlocked,,149206.php?prod=149206

  • Anonymous

Great phone. Sync with Outlook. Charge it and go for a couple weeks....depending on how much you talk. Battery time is awesome. Link for buying.,X630,­Phone,unlocked,,149206.php?prod=149206

  • Rachael

Honestly, i just want to buy this phone for backup phone.
Looks ok, ui's couldn't be worse than those from Moto's low ends, right?
Pls, anybody has any ideas on how to purchase this online? googled it but can't find any.

  • Anonymous

prfect phn fr prfest people

  • Anonymous

Roy, 22 Oct 2009... a lof of Xenium. Surely, Xenium's batery is a large capacity... moreI totally agree with you about the voice call quality.. That and the texting ease should be improved and definitely Philips will be a lot better..

  • Roy

... a lof of Xenium. Surely, Xenium's batery is a large capacity comaring to others phone. I am wandering whether voice call system have a noise reduction.

Comparing to Motorola and Nokia, Phlips Xenium is better in looks and some technical terms. But,it will be the best if it has developed more voice call quality with a noise reduction to block out surrunded noise while talking.

  • bpn-09

cannot agree more with Roy, in the place where I live, 3g conn is not far better than gprs-edge, and on top of that its a batt drainer, on the other hand, having long batt life is much more essential for me since I travel alot, so now I am a happy owner of Xenium.

  • ROY

What is good about Philips Xenium? For a long talk, battery is very durable and it does not get heat up. This is a good on Philips which others cannot operate like this.


  • twenttysix

Hi there Ls and Gs....
is it just me or, Philips has messed up with some of these new phones?! every other phone company goes form good phones to better phones... and this one slides like a fish in a tank,.. wake up P we are in the real world now ...were good sHt sels like hell!!! change management ideas people....!!! and why in hell keep he Philips name when those in Holland from Philips don't know shit that the brand name is on some good phones!?!?! change it to skuiky, flunky, munky... or i don't know ...some other name !!!

go forward not backword!!!... mobiles phones are electronic devices dudes not crabs !!! me, as all the P lovers we like you products ...but.. don't fU.

  • Anonymous

what!? I thought x630 will be a 3g version of x620. I don't know it is the downgrade. X620 is a quadband and this one is a triband. U r going nowhere, philips... Unless backward...

  • Anonymous

price,how much
philips is rare in the philippines
if this phone will come i will buy it

  • LTU

looks good :)

  • Anonymous

yikes. another flop from Philips' Chinese supplier. What happened??

  • Anonymous

I don't understand why all new Philips phone have no new/innovative functions. Boring !!! How to stay in competition ??

  • AleXD

4th ^^

  • aakash

really great battery lyf.......!!!
and btw im 3rd..lolz

  • Anonymous

pretty basic phone. btw im 2nd

  • Sam

Wow! What a battery!