Philips X703

Philips X703

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very good mark and enjoy with high qulity and tecnology

  • Anonymous

SmestarZ, 13 Jul 2010Philips sold off its mobile division to a Chinese electroni... morephilips already produced cell by a joint-venture from philips(80%) and cec(20%). in the year 2007 philips, sell this joint-venture, to cec that
keep producing philips cell! the only difference is that now decide everything cec!

  • Anonymous

Why no WiFi. Screen resolution is TOO low. I don't trust it can standby for a month. I had one Philips phone, it last only 5 days, but it puffed that it could standby ONE month.

  • From India

SmestarZ, 13 Jul 2010Philips sold off its mobile division to a Chinese electroni... moreSince Philips phones are not available in India, Is there any other means that I can purchase it from other country and shiped it to India.

  • SmestarZ

Philips sold off its mobile division to a Chinese electronic firm which was manufacturing the Philips brand phones for Philips,
Now someone asked why Philips.

Many years ago, Philips was nowhere in the picture for mobile phones which are dominated by Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Apple and few others.

Philips does not make too many mobiles like Nokia where one model comes in candybarm, slide and clam shell sub models.
I use Philips phones and they are really good phones when it comes to phones.
Good talk time, good standby time, good receptions.
They dont have many games or entertainment value, but are excellent phones for people who want good value for phone such as good talktime and good standby time. I am sure that you will not have run to nearby electricity point for wanting to charge this phone.
So if you want a phone with good phone value then this is your choice, but if you want more like video, music, games etc, then surely I would not recommend it.


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What was the OS?

  • maso

because I charge the phone every 10 days and I can call where most of the mobile has no signal...

  • Slonce

If it's a Symbian than it's a crap.
another q, why buy a Philips???

  • Anonymous

1st philips rulzz