Philips X712

Philips X712

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  • Anonymous

i wish it's a 3g phone with a secondary camera and a dual sim (both active). The design is pretty decent.

  • Form India

Can anyone tell me that the philips dual sim phones are dual active means if we are calling from either of the sim then we can attend any incoming call into the other sim at the same time simultaneously?

  • Anonymous

this is a dual sim phone and its main target market is china.

  • Azu_icHi

this phone's spec is good, maybe I'll consider buying this one when ti it the shelves in my country...

  • Jonno

I wonder if that 16mm thickness is when its open or closed....

  • Cyborg009

damn sexy phone... will buy if its in decent price range...

  • Sayon

I Love the Design But where is the Camera on the Phone? In the picture there is no trace about it. and Where I gonna find it? Pls Help.

  • Anonymous

Nice! There are not many clamshells (my favorite form) around with a 5 MP camera and a great battery life.

  • Anonymous

everything else aside, this looks rather swish

  • wild-spirited

This is a great design n features! ..well not for me.. but for my mum! She loves clam shell phones than any other phone, she finds them easy to call on... So more clams like this with good spec cameras!!! U go phillips! My 1st phone was a phillips savvy...

  • ritzz


  • maso

Reddot design award 2010 winner
Product design award for mobile phone
Perfect combination of western design philosophy with eastern culture elements.

  • Anonymous

i think there is a typo error. the screen resolution should be 256k not 56k. right?

  • xxxxxx

It's good to know someone is still thinking about the people on the lower end of the scale.

  • Anonymous

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