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Philips X815

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  • AnonD-713487

Ok, I just bought this phone. And it's 2017! The price already dropped down to about $50. Here are a few pieces of information for you (sorry that it's a bit random):
1, you can buy it from Chinese shopping site taobao, but you need those buying agent like viatang to help you purchase the item;
2, the GPS doesn't work, at least not on my device. It says the data file is missing. Anyhow, even if it does work, it won't provide the GPS coordinates, and maps outside of China aren't available;
3, the battery life is long alright. Even though it has been in stock for 6-7 years, the battery is still in good shape.
4, the camera kind of sucks, in today's standard. The zooming is a big joke.
5, the voice recorder sucks. You won't hear anything unless you put the microphone right next to the source. So basically you can only record yourself
6, the way we unlock this phone is just stupid and inconvenient. You need to move a ball out of a circle via touch screen, and they don't stay still and are bouncing around the screen. If you touch the circle instead of ball, you'll be moving both the ball and circle at the same time. You can also unlcok the phone by pushing the power button when the backlight is on, but the power button is kind of hard to push
7, the touch screen is sensitive alright
8, I'm unable the make the email pop3 stuffs work, but you can receive emails by forwarding the emails to the phone via MMS/SMS. It's quite slow to scroll down the MMS though. To scroll faster, you can save the message as txt.
9, it's unlocked, and it works in united states (even internet)
10, oh, right, it's designed & made in China. The core technology comes from philips though.

  • AnonD-34870

Nice specs and only 2G? The price is too high!

  • sibuku

i need the price for above philips x815

  • AnonD-18267

ok i own a xenium 9@9w i got it from i was able to change it to u.k. english but have never been able to sort out the many settings including the extremely important gprs settings is it possible on the x815 i need to know in case i happen to have the cash and spot 1 available

  • SEAN

i think too expensive for 2g mobile

  • mmb

can anybody tell me how to change the message language to a language except for english and chinese ? and also change the GPS language to english?


  • bogo

can it record conversations?

  • Anonymous

Muds, 22 Feb 2011Sounds & Looks GoodSo you can recommend this gsm for me?Now I have to search where I can buy it!

  • Hasnat

Where can I buy this model and is it Dual Stand by???

  • Muds

Sounds & Looks Good