Philips Xenium

Philips Xenium

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  • k
  • k.khan
  • K6j
  • 18 Oct 2010

i loved this phone for no reason .. can i get fr5m somewhere..

    • P
    • Phonejacker
    • TIA
    • 21 Jan 2009

    1st phone I ever got on a contract. I loved it but the ariel snapped off and I couldn't get it fixed!

      • n
      • name
      • nmC
      • 08 Oct 2007

      The best menu I have ever seen in a mobile phone, up to date!!!

        • w
        • warren canabe
        • PF7
        • 25 Jan 2005

        all i can say about xenium is very handy and durable.

          • J
          • Jean Inthisone
          • 10 Jul 2004

          I bought philips xenium 969+ , after I arrived in Taiwan , the phone give a lot of trouble , could not recieved very well , or sometime line is cut , I was very desoppointed and many store did not know have to solved this problem , finally I give up with that xenium 969+.
          after 2 week only then I have this problem please advise what to do thank you.
          Jean - Inthisone

            • V
            • Vinnie
            • 03 Jun 2004

            I got the Philips Xenium 939 a few weeks ago and it's still working like a charm. It's good to see everybody ellses positive comments who have had the phone or longer than me. However, I am finding it very hard to find a place that sells accesories for this phone.
            Goodness. Hmmm.

              • a
              • agung triwibowo
              • 21 May 2004

              i got error in my xenium phone, there is a word " loading, please try later" if i push side button when i open names folder, or error when i calling a number

                • A
                • Antony Dsilva
                • 19 Sep 2003

                Its working verry good.

                  • A
                  • Andrey
                  • 02 Jul 2003

                  I'd like to have a xenium
                  The best phone

                    • S
                    • Sulton Sahara
                    • 06 Jun 2003

                    I need philip xenium, because it's batteries have long time periode. But I have no place to find it in Bandung. May you send me???
                    He...he...he... gratis, Meneer.

                      • p
                      • paul
                      • 14 Feb 2003

                      the phone is very good i only need the manuals written in english version

                        • p
                        • paul
                        • 14 Feb 2003

                        please i want u to assist me with the manuals with in english version the one my handset came with is written with german language...i will be very grateful if my request is granted thanks in advance

                          • n
                          • nick
                          • 26 Nov 2002

                          A very good phone. But i can't find a suitable carkit

                            • S
                            • Slaven Lekic
                            • 09 Oct 2002

                            Dear All,

                            I have never had better phone in my life than Xenium"939".I have it three yers ago and I had not any problems with it.Now,I received Xenium 9@9 and I will check his performance in the next days.939 is still life with the same caracteristics like at first day.
                            Thanks a lot for this astonish device.


                            Slaven Lekic

                              • s
                              • secian brilianto
                              • 30 Sep 2002

                              I am Philips 989 users. I am very satisfied for this product. This is sophisticated and completed mobile phone

                                • v
                                • valentino
                                • 19 Jun 2002

                                i have xenium 939, i ask about software? it have sofware or not? please back information for me? thank's

                                  • f
                                  • fikret
                                  • 11 Jun 2002

                                  I'm from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). I have a lot of Philips' products and also mobile phone "Genie- sport". Now, after two years I want to buy a new one, and of course it must be Philips' phone. I am very interesting in Xenium 989. Unfortunately, Philips' mobile phones is very difficult find here in Bosnia. So please, tell me the nearest place where I can get their mobile phone (in this case it is XENIUM 989 or 9@9) and tell me the price.
                                  Thanks a lot,
                                  Sincerely Philips' fun,

                                    • v
                                    • valentino
                                    • 03 Jun 2002

                                    why my phone not can't stand-by in 500 h again? due old battry? or another resont? xenium 939 it have a software? when i can up gread the software?

                                      • m
                                      • marius
                                      • 19 Mar 2002

                                      it is the best

                                        • c
                                        • cloggy
                                        • 10 Dec 2001

                                        great sound, great mick, awfull design, greatest standby time, easy menustructure, pity they sold it to the chinese.