Philips Xenium 9@9

Philips Xenium 9@9

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i'm here just to remind me, this was my cool dad's cellphone. people stole it from me when i was little. miss my dad so much.

    • m
    • mark
    • mtW
    • 30 Aug 2014

    joop, 13 Aug 2014Mark .. Thanks for your message .. i see you wrote it in 20... moreJoop.Nice to read something from you after a long time(indeed!)At the moment I still have a Philips cell phone.Type W 920.But that has something to do with nostalgic feelings?Because nowadays this phones are made in China by CEC and they "may" use the brand name Philips.And as you wrote;time flies..!Compare the cell phones from 14 years ago with the phones nowadays.But I miss the batteries most from that old fashioned models (of course these phones needed less power).

      • j
      • joop
      • i2X
      • 13 Aug 2014

      Mark, 29 Nov 2013Joop,I had this phone too so long ago.And I -too- was happy... moreMark .. Thanks for your message .. i see you wrote it in 2013 and not sure if you will ever read this . sorry for such a late reply as i didnt really visit this page much after my message .. Yep sure was a great phone.. i was so excited when i first purchased it .. i was SO short on cash back then so it was like the best thing ever when i could afford it . stupid as i might sound it brings back memories :).. Looking at the realease date here it says 2000 .. wow 14 years ago.. time flys...!!!! life is short..

        • M
        • Mark
        • mtW
        • 29 Nov 2013

        joop, 27 May 2012WOW this is my first phone ever that i purchased many years... moreJoop,I had this phone too so long ago.And I -too- was happy with it...!In that time there was a test in a magazine here in Holland.The Xenium 9@9 was the best tested phone in that test.And at the same time Philips decided to stop the production of mobile phones in Europe...Hope they once wll come back with the latest models.Made in China with the brand name Philips.

          • j
          • joop
          • wgk
          • 27 May 2012

          WOW this is my first phone ever that i purchased many years ago .. As they say "You never forget your first" .. i was actually looking to buy this phone again in 2012 LOL .. miss the old simple reliable phones...

            • D
            • Dewo
            • wr1
            • 22 Nov 2011

            I had this phone aroung mid 2002, this is the first cell phone that I bought with my own hard earned money...

            the only thing that attracts me to buy this phone is the battery life. I don't really like the menu and other function (the side scroll key makes my finger hutrs, it has rough edges)

            Overall it was just ok.. I love the battery life though...

              • F
              • Foxy
              • LHf
              • 09 Sep 2009

              I have one fully functional but haven't had used it for a few years. I've charged it last week and it works. So, if someone needs it, I'm willing to sell it. Send offers to

                • D
                • Dewo
                • upX
                • 02 Jun 2009

                One of the Best Cell Phone I have ever used. I have used total 12 different cell phones since 1998. This xenium is one of the best!!!(in it's day)

                The display is good, Long lasting Batrey, Menu work's just works!!! and also very2 tough. But I did not use it for a very long time (only almost 1 year) because I had to study to America and turns out it did not work there, something about the GSM frequency.

                Now I'm using a Black Berry 8900, but still have good memories about this phone...

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • 2Ig
                  • 19 May 2009

                  This is an awesome phone! I have been trying to find one on ebay for the past month, but have had no luck.
                  They're so easy to use and very tough! i dropped mine many times and it continued to work like new. I wish i had never 'upgraded' all those years ago.
                  I'll guess i'll have to keep on looking. Wish me luck!! :)

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • 2SP
                    • 16 May 2009

                    Too good a phone. So handy. Strange, Philips stopped manufacturing this or could not market it properly.

                    Even more strange is, no other company has one as same as this one.

                      • P
                      • Peter
                      • Mmj
                      • 11 Mar 2006

                      Hi everybody,

                      I have this model sinds about 4 years but I did not use it in the last 2 years because I studied abroad. The cell phone was not used, did not rechage. I began to use this week but I realized there is not in the menu to look at my sms, I only can write sms and I can not even receive sms. Do you have any idea how come this?

                      Greetings from Peter

                        • j
                        • janet
                        • TXC
                        • 25 Sep 2005

                        my dad udes that phone for many years and was very pleased with as it got broken he is looking for such a mobile but new...unfortunately it is not produced any more...have you got any idea where can i get this mibile? a new one?..write ...thx

                          • M
                          • MaD-WolF
                          • mWT
                          • 16 Apr 2005

                          I had it for 5 years and still working perfectly.
                          very good phone and very good stand by time up to 300h after all this time(really 300h).
                          very tough, it survived so much throwing and droping that I don't care anymore.
                          you can find it at a really good price and it's worth it

                            • s
                            • sk
                            • 17 Dec 2004

                            This is the best phone I have ever used.

                            I've had it for over 2 years in use. No problems and it did what an everyday phone should. And you don't need to charge it everyday, battery last really long.

                            Now just need to find a new "Xenium".. a color display model that would work 100% and have good battery.. I've tried few Samsungs - but no hope with those..

                              • f
                              • florin
                              • 17 Sep 2004

                              it is a nice phone. Can u send me some ring tones for Philips 9@9

                                • A
                                • Amix
                                • 23 Jul 2004

                                the best phone I`found, price//quality

                                  • v
                                  • vmom
                                  • 19 Feb 2004

                                  where do I find an English user manual?

                                    • K
                                    • Kidu
                                    • 27 Nov 2003

                                    veryy good phone at his time

                                      • m
                                      • mad
                                      • 11 Sep 2003

                                      i need a batery .pls contact me if you know were can i have it

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 03 Sep 2003

                                        The battery is the best around