Philips Xenium 9@98

Philips Xenium 9@98

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  • guest
  • 0IW
  • 29 Sep 2013

it was nice phone which worked with me for 6 years with one battery without changing. it has got very low message memory. I retired it a few days ago. I will go my way with a smartphone (android)

    • j
    • jenn
    • Ycj
    • 12 May 2008

    why does my phone not have service?
    is there any settings? i use rogers.

      • J
      • Jalé UTP
      • TC{
      • 01 Feb 2007

      Very sad to find that Xenium 9@98 can not include phonebook entry in the SMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • P
        • Paul
        • PU0
        • 21 Nov 2006

        Seems to be a very nice basic phone with extra long batery life. Btw, can it send an SMS to multiple numbers at once?

          • A
          • Anton
          • ijn
          • 27 Jul 2006

          I need information......
          Can we use this Philips Xenium 9@98 in USA country? Splecially in Texas.
          Please inform me because i plan to bring this phone to USA. Thanks

            • t
            • tunc basaran
            • npP
            • 22 Jun 2006

            this phone rocks with the battery life if you guys just want to talk and forget to charge the battery this phone is for you I bet you guys no other phone beats the philips exanium for battery life.Just to talk this phoneGREAT,SUBERB,FANTASTIC,AWSOME

              • S
              • Sarki Isa Bajoga
              • M%k
              • 25 Apr 2006

              Please i am able to purchased one handset of your brand (philips Xenium 9@98, but i lost my manual booklet. Could you please send me a copy for my use. you can use my e-mail address above.
              Thanks alot.

                • t
                • tuncay
                • M5K
                • 03 Apr 2006

                Anyone having any information about that telephone..Please help me about where I could buy that telephone İn Turkey mobile market..Turk philips and Basari are still ice-skating with babies in their hands... I trust you and like you ,the mobile "telephone wolves.." Come on and give a help to your brother....Thanks a lot...

                  • t
                  • tuncay
                  • npe
                  • 02 Mar 2006

                  some new xenium models ara available in Turkish market..But why can't we see the xenium 9@98, why not? I also wrote to Turkish Philips the importer... with best regards.

                    • s
                    • soo
                    • PUi
                    • 24 Feb 2006

                    who can tell me does this phone has alarm clock, reminder and calendar?

                      • e
                      • ergun
                      • mut
                      • 07 Feb 2006

                      @Tuncay Philips hps in Turkey usually have the menu language in Turkish but strangely CANT read Turkish :~

                        • S
                        • Simon
                        • ngF
                        • 19 Jan 2006

                        Does this phone have german menu language?

                          • B
                          • Bard
                          • TKb
                          • 16 Jan 2006

                          may i know....this hp don't have calendar?.....organize?

                            • t
                            • tuncay
                            • muv
                            • 30 Dec 2005

                            No matter the menu language, but I want to know if it supports Turkish menu or not..thanks..

                              • t
                              • tuncay
                              • muv
                              • 30 Dec 2005

                              all philips instruments and most celuular telephones are available in turkey but why it is not possible to meet the Xenium 9@98* Why?

                                • a
                                • adi
                                • PFD
                                • 29 Dec 2005

                                The battery is really good. I've bought this phone and like it a lot.

                                  • F
                                  • Fran
                                  • ijA
                                  • 26 Dec 2005

                                  i'm wondering if this has a speaker phone...

                                    • X
                                    • XxX
                                    • RI8
                                    • 19 Dec 2005

                                    does this phone have any port for us to put in our ringtone?

                                      • N
                                      • No To Any Xplore
                                      • RJ7
                                      • 04 Dec 2005

                                      Earlier someone said it is a good business phone or similar to the Nokia 6230. Most of the current mobile phones have built-in document viewers (if not editors) to view important information or tables while on the move. It would also be a serious limitation without the ability to install business tools to view/edit/create them.

                                        • I
                                        • Iven
                                        • TVW
                                        • 17 Nov 2005

                                        yes, it supports chinese language