Philips Xenium 9@9 ++

Philips Xenium 9@9 ++

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  • AnonD-252058
  • nBp
  • 08 Apr 2014

I need a new battery where can i buy it ?

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    • Anonymous
    • uv@
    • 10 Nov 2013

    I want battery of this mobile.

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      • Anonymous
      • vwX
      • 30 Mar 2009

      sumith, 27 Sep 2004hi i wanna know how can i download ringtones to my mobileph... morehow to download ring tons and how to activate gprs

      and wap in our philips xenium9@9++

      i am a sub scriber of bsnl prepaid and reliance gsm.

      please give a replay through sms

      my moblile no is 9447218165.(kerala)

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        • Anonymous
        • RK2
        • 13 Sep 2006

        regarding battery life the best handset in the market.only it ain,t very user friendly. especially in sending sms . am happy with this piece for the last 18 months

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          • Anonymous
          • Rxd
          • 05 Mar 2006

          this is the hottest phone it the world atm!!!! its got everything you could possibly ask for!!! what more could you want??? well done Xenium this phone rox our sox!!!

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            • steven
            • PVg
            • 29 Oct 2005


            To upgrade the firmware,are there free download address in internet?or did you have some "code" to enter to the phone,so i don't have to go to philips center...thanx man

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              • gnanasekar
              • ijK
              • 27 Jun 2005

              It is almost an year since I bought the Xenium. So many models have since hit the market and some gone too. But i dont find anything equal to it in terms of reliability, BATTERY LIFE, ringing volume, the very useful speaker-phone: all put together in a very modestly priced phone.

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                • woden
                • TCs
                • 11 Jun 2005

                I bought this phone today for intensive conservation; sold HKD880; a acceptable price; although I want to buy the 9@98 butI am not sure when it will be available in Hong Kong. I want to know how to upgrade its firmware? aPlease suggest some web site to download. and the upgrade require a USB cable, right?

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                  • Philips
                  • 2m5
                  • 13 May 2005

                  GOOD NEWS! There is a replacement coming your way and its the Philips XENIUM 9@98. It now comes with 4k colour and 30days standby time!Look for it in your stores in June 2005!

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                    • yangyang
                    • TBW
                    • 26 Mar 2005

                    i have this one ,it's really good!

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                      • Menas
                      • xGd
                      • 17 Mar 2005

                      Simple but reliable phone I must say.. however several incoveniences : no option of sending message to several people simultaneously (and you have to choose the name first instead of writing your message first), no escape button during writing message, and somehow I just realized (perhaps software problem) that the "read sms" menu can disappear for no clear reason ..However, I'm satisfied with the phone (in particular the amazing battery life).

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                        • brainstorm
                        • F4p
                        • 08 Mar 2005

                        For those who can't edit the sms. In order to edit the sms, you need to upgrade your firmware. I upgraded my firmware and now able to edit received sms before forwarding out. The phone now also allow storing of received phone number to your address book and can insert your address book phone number into your sms. Must upgrade!!

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                          • S.E.A.N
                          • CMW
                          • 22 Feb 2005

                          store your msg into sms archive, then u can edit it. trust me, i'm editing my msg at the moment.

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                            • Hanafi Sudjana
                            • inW
                            • 13 Feb 2005

                            Hi,i used 9@9++ for almost two years,my problems with the 9@9++ all about the sms,i can't edit the messages if i want to forward it to the others friends of mine..Or after typing the messages,then store it at archieve,i can't edit again the messages..
                            the Second problem:at the memory status, i had used 50kb/239kb,21% used,79% free,but one day i can't add the new phone number,it said that the memory is full..what should i check?last thing,when i received 2 sms at the same time,the lcd went blank,the light still on,vibrate on,so i have to move the battery to fix it.That's all for now..thanks for this opinion box..

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                              • fiko
                              • m1c
                              • 11 Jan 2005

                              Hi everybody! I bougth this phone in June 16, 2004. I am very satisfied with this phone. Battery life is really incredible. This phone have no competitors concerning standby autonomy. But this phone isn't some kind of toy and if you are looking for color display, camera etc., then forget this phone. It's aimed to people who really needs phone for business. If you plan to go on holiday for 7 or 10 days then you don't need charger at all. That's really amazing phone.

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                                • S.E.A.N
                                • CMW
                                • 11 Jan 2005

                                I was persuaded by you guys and just bought a Xenium 9@9++.
                                One thing: The battery I got is Li-Ion 950mAh! Oops

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                                  • sapto
                                  • 09 Nov 2004

                                  i am wont free download Manual book

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                                    • ozcan
                                    • 19 Oct 2004

                                    I liked the battery life. but how can I download new melodies for my Xenium 9@9++. I also need to know whether I can Compose melodies by using my phone. Thanks.

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                                      • iulian
                                      • 18 Oct 2004

                                      question for the philips tehnic departament: how can this fone have a 20 days stand-by? and now a proposal: talk whith nokia tehnic dep. because they need it! the greater stand-by nokia fone is 6310 that you can use it "only" seven days!!! all teh respect for the philips for the stand-by of the xenium!

                                        • g
                                        • gnani
                                        • 13 Oct 2004

                                        Bought 3 months ago. Going fine and great!