Philips Xenium 9@9e

Philips Xenium 9@9e

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  • KaterinaV.

I SENT THIS PHONE FLYING OUT THE WINDOW! And here's why. Forget about texting on this phone, in case u are somehow immune to high blood pressure. Interface, menu organization, and personalized profile settings are seriously lacking. If you'd like to spend 3 years going through menus just to save you work hours then this is the ideal phone for you. Maybe I haven't figured out the appropriate shortcuts, but then again, maybe they DON'T EXIST! All in all, this phone was designed by a complete windbag desperate to impress corporates with money in their pockets, but no sense upstairs. Oh wait...there is 1 good thing...the battery will last you the 3 years you need to run through the menus to complete the most simple task. I charge it once every 2 weeks.

  • christmasiscoming

Does this phone have LED coloured lights that flashes when a call comes in? Kinda mesmerized by these nice colourful lights that always only appear in old Samsung phones....

  • Tau Cety

Nu are blitz.
No flash for camera.

  • Anonymous

Been using this for a little over a year now. Battery life is good and can last me for approximately over a week before charging again.

SMS is truly a disadvantage on this phone. Very very slow text recognition and some functions are ill positioned in the keys. Example: Imagine you can turn off dictionary so every time you have to disable it. Next for you to code "0" you have to go to the function change form letter to numbers. Absolutely ridiculous.

Camera performance probably is good during the time it was released but dont expect for quality that you can show off. Artificial light shooting usually results to grainy image.

Call quality is average and nothing really to rave about.

This thing is just a back-up phone for me now. Seldom used due to flaws mentioned.

  • Anonymous

i have uset this phone for 3 motnhs.. its too bad.. ufb screen, size..

  • draker

I have the phone about 8 months and it is true that the sms fuction, well... sucks.
What do you want when you're going to send an sms? 1 (ONE) button with "new sms" and with this one the shortest way to begin writing an sms is to push 5 buttons.(not counting search contact) I have to say I want to write an sms 2 times, choose between -new sms-last sms-template-. And the textinput is slow! It could have been a superphone but sms...

  • Vladimir

I have this phone. It is for dogs only...

  • Omar McManaman

I've used it for almost one and half year. And i like battery life, but when it come to messaging surely like hell! Very very very slow processor! and typing response is just hell on earth! Hoping Philips will release this kind of phone with better speed and better messaging, plus bluetooth, umts, video recording 3gp and mp4, 3.15 mp, quadband, better screen (256k is reasonable), mp3 player, radio.

For you people out there, i recomend this phone for bussiness purpose. The battery life is just one of a kind.

  • Aluka Terfa Alexande

Quite a nice phone but lacks the facility to record videos.
Good fone

  • Anton

And what about the difficulties with SMS writing? I heard that this phone is not recommended for those, who write lots of messages.

  • andy

So far most men here complain about features, that are not the aim of this phone. This is a fine speaking device. Used shiny samsung before and tired of its' constant breakdowns during the middle of speech.
No better PHONEs than xenium. If you need games and stuff consider a smartphone instead.

  • pingu

Why cant i use MP3s as my ringtone? It only lets me record up to 5secs of it, otherwise it says the file is to big. And where is the flash for the camera?!

  • ariel

please teach me how to change the language to hebrew from english

  • Aleksey

Sorry I talked about 9@9a

  • Aleksey

I have bought this phone. 20 min talk every day during a week and accumulator dischargeв fully.
May be it rejected?

  • zulfikar

but I don't understand tu use java games

  • ade

For SMS it's very Buzy

  • Zorge

Very good phone!!!
I love the battery!!!
There are some disadvantages however I will buy one. Used to use xenuim before and I love it

  • Digma

I heard Philips has bad stories related to it abilities to manage messages/SMS ( like writing, moving, deleting). Are the stories true? thx

  • Anonymous

Strange to see LED configurable, but not the external display, which shuts down a few seconds after the flip is closed...
Strange not to see bluetooth, but only infrared.
Also I failed to install Jimm (ICQ-like midlet). It said "not enough memory" while compiling.