Philips Xenium 9@9t

Philips Xenium 9@9t

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  • Anonymous

i can not download my phone book to my computer.
the phone can not communicate with the computer

  • Anonymous

ol7ug, 12 Jun 2006i have never seen a xenium phone anywhere in australia.i have one xD

  • Anonymous

Recently I purchased one of these types of phones of Trade Me, however I received a manual in another language but wish to get one in english because I cannot understand anything in the one I have...
Also I used the USB to 'SYNC' some songs off my PC to my mobile but I cannot find the files anywhere on my phone...
Could somebody PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  • belinda

Unfortunatly we dont see Philips cellphones in Dutch shops for may years.
The last one i saw was the Savvy and the next model.

  • Hasan Pringadi

Dear Sir,

How could i Acivation for VIDEO REC/Clips Xenium (9@9t)and others ?How could i connect to JAVA Aplications??


Hasan P

  • Wisnu

In my opinion, the touchscreen will be a solution to Phillip's bad keypad problems. ;)

  • rezax1

what is video camera?

  • horia

Philips Romania didn't hear about 9@9t!!!! I made a call and they told me they don't know nothing about it. I wanted to buy one, contacted Philips support and they gave me the phone number from romania and.... Strange isn't nit.....!!!!
If anyone have a 9@9t please send me an email or IM on yahoo please!

  • timthefoneman

hi guys got the 9@9d but tested this also. heres some answers-textin is awkward-space is number one so abc is 2,thats a bad start,can be frustrating to get a text out,not acceptable philips considering amount we send!
battery life IS BETTER THAN OTHERS BUT NOT AS EXPECTED,perhaps2 to 3 days of proper,friend and odd business use.if travelling for a week you will still need to take charger,reason i thought was worth buyin but guess if think above still worth it go for it.but not worth it for just 'amazing' battery life

  • daniel abban

llove the phones and would to buy one.
kiss .
thank you

  • Anonymous

The battery life is very good but when it comes to SMS, it feels like hell. The only thing that has stoping me for buying further xenium is no blueetooh and SMS problem.. Improve it, Philips!

  • hasalaam abdjin

someone who have this phone call tell us if the battery really last up to 30 days or at leats 20 days or something??? i'm really curious...

  • vlad

is anybody here who have this phone?I'm just curious if the menu is the same as 909d? the same slowness of menu and response?just curious.thanks.

  • scandor

There are 3 philips phones currently available with bluetooth : 960, 768 and xeniumD.
We have solf 150 philips phones the past 7 months and had to return for repair 7, that is not a lot and less than most other brands, so to say that it is a bad brand is nonsense.

  • Scorpion Prince

Philips is the worst mobile brand ever, never ever buy it. have seen 4 philips phones all diff models, all of them needed a service center trip for a minimum of 15 days, that too within 6 months of use.

  • chris from paris

excellent phone !! i have already the 9@98 but this one rules ^_^

  • ol7ug

i have never seen a xenium phone anywhere in australia.

  • Anonymous

i wonder if any philips phone has bluetooth.has it?why is that?????????????????

  • Paradize

The phone holds a lot of promise. looking forward to it but lack of bluetooth is weird for an Executive phone. Xenium battery trumps all including Nokia.

  • Ivan

philips - nr.1