PhotoAcute - new version released

31 Oct, 2004

PhotoAcute is a useful application, which allows to improve the quality of pictures snapped by the phone built-in camera. According to the company, the application snaps 4-times larger photos (1280x960) that the regular built-in camera and the interpolation is achieved not by a digital zoom but is a real resolution increase.

How it works? PhotoAcute makes several snapshots in series, thus acquiring more graphic information. Using sophisticated algorithms it combines the individual snapshots to produce one large-sized and high-quality image. It also performs image processing to make it sharper and remove defects. Using the algorithms allows achieving great increase in quality.

What's new in PhotoAcute 2.0: large photo from a single snapshot; geometry and brightness correction; correction of interlacing artefacts, barrel distortion; faster snapping; less memory needed for processing; batch processing of snapped photos; picture processing: quality improved.

The company offers free upgrade for those who purchased PhotoAcute 1.x. Additionally an "Awarded Snapshot" program is offered to users who send their examples for publishing. Authors of best examples will be awarded with free registration code.

PhotoAcute compatible phones: Nokia 3650, 3660, 6600 and 6620.

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