Pixel 2 battery drain issue being looked into, Google says

Himanshu, 24 February 2018

Last week, it came to light the Pixel 2 February update has caused some serious issues, with users reporting poor battery life and device overheating. What's good is that Google has already started investigating the reports.

Here's what a company employee said on a Google forum thread discussing these problems:

We want to look into this issue and I'm going to reach out privately for bug reports. Please keep an eye out for my email, thanks!

No timeline for a fix yet. The best affected users can do at the moment is to share bug reports with the company. These are critical problems, so we hope Google fixes them quickly.



Reader comments

They should have already learnt after Nexus cases.

  • AnonD-525679

This sounds like a bug report I've filed some time ago: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/73803081 Is it ? If so, please consider starring it, and optionally write your comment there. I hope it gets fixed.

  • AnonD-503930

may be they include spyware in february update..google framework sucks..

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