Google Pixel 2 users reporting device heating and battery life issues after February update

Himanshu, 17 February 2018

Looks like the Pixel 2 February update has brought along some major issues. A lot of users, both at Reddit as well as Google's own forums, are complaining about their units getting warm (even with normal usage) and battery draining comparatively faster.

If you take a detailed look at these online communities, there are some users who say they aren't facing any such issues, but their number is pretty small compared to those who are complaining.

And many have confirmed these issues while the device is in safe mode, so the possibility of third-party apps being culprit is clearly ruled out. Google is yet to officially offer a word on the matter.

If you have also been facing similar issues after the latest patch, do let us know in comments below.

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Reader comments

  • Sivakumar

Yes, I too have same issue. The battery is darined almost 40% overnight, without any usage. Everytime I unlock my phone the battery percentage is keep changing.

  • AnonD-740337

With my Pixel 2 phone, the battery life was good prior to 8.1.0 OS update in December. The battery level goes from 100 to 98% in about 30 minutes of standby (no video, no gaming/media, no calls or browser activities). Overnight battery drain is from...

  • Anonymous

My battery life is similar to before but I can relate to the heating problem. Opened snapchat, forgot to close the phone and when I came back, the phone was hot af. Didn’t do that before. Hope it gets fixed

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