Pixel 4 photographed in three colors: Black, White and Coral

Peter, 09 September 2019

The Pixel 3 and 3A phones came in the standard Black and White versions, in addition to a more colorful hue – Not Pink and Purple-ish, respectively. We’ve already seen the upcoming Pixel 4 in black and in white, now check out the third color.

It’s an orange-ish hue – coral or salmon, perhaps? We're sure Google will have a suitable kooky name for it. It is a much bolder color than the third colors of the Pixel 3 and 3a. The front, however will be black on all models, including the white one.

Pixel 4 in three colors A closer look at the Coral option A closer look at the Coral option
Pixel 4 in three colors • A closer look at the Coral option

Similarly, the square camera island will be black on all three color versions. You can also see the Power button, which on previous generations had an eye-catching random pop of color. With the Pixel 4 generation, the randomness seems to have been dialed down.

Google is yet to announce an official date for when it will unveil the new Pixels – and the wait seems to drag on forever, since essentially all the interesting features have leaked already.

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Reader comments

Hopefully, because Apple and Samsung are #1!

  • cyber

apple will sue them for that design,tomorrow will see it anyway

I actually kinda like the orange version. It reminds me of the bold & colorful Lumia lineup.

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