Pixel phone users randomly receiving money from Google

Some users on the /r/GooglePixel subreddit are getting free cash from Google with a notification saying that they are receiving the money for "dogfooding the Google Pay remittance experience". Some get a modest amount, but others see their balance increase by over $1,000.

"Dogfooding" means company employees are testing a new feature or service before making it available to the public. This suggests that Google is accidentally sending out cash to random users for "testing" Google Pay features instead of paying their employees who actually tested them.

As a follow-up, Google informed the affected users that they would try to reverse the payment, but if they are unable to, the cash is theirs to keep. Do you happen to be one of those lucky Pixel users?


Reader comments

  • MAC-11 OG

Gimme some. I have an iPhone 3G and a Z Flip. Give us some money for all of our information you sold. Papa tryna upgrade to a Z Fold, iPhone 13 Mini, and a new PC mane.

Even the generic-looking Nokia X30 looks better imho than the newer Pixel phones. No hate intended though

  • Brad

Had every Pixel Phone where's my share