PlayStation 5 to offer per-game fan control with data collected from the APU

Ro, 20 October 2020

In a recent interview Sony's mechanical design chief responsible for the PS5's cooling system revealed an interesting bit about the console. It turns out it will offer per-game fan control, using data collected from AMD's APU on board and will eventually improve the cooling performance of the console over time.

PlayStation 5 to offer per-game fan control

As games go out and people start playing them, the APU will start collecting data so no "one size fits all" type of fan curve will be used here. There are multiple temperature sensors placed all around the board to help collect the data.

Moreover, Sony's engineers designed a transparent case and pumped smoke from dry ice into the chassis during the testing stage to see how the cooling system performs in real-time and also track the airflow.

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I always loved Sony, I was gutted so many years they bring nothing. Xperia 1 mark2 is the best Sony, maybe the mark3 or whatever they name the successor next year. I am looking forward. I jump brands every year. I love the phones, not the maker of it...

But that doesn't mean discredited Xperia 1 II as one of the top Multimedia Smartphone though. Even if it's bad in your perspective, Xperia 1 II has proven itself to reunite Xperia fans & sold better than the original Xperia 1. Sure, imp...

  • Anonymous
  • 22 Oct 2020
  • YMH

You do realize that the tim is using a double insulation to prevent leaks. That the contact portion of the heatsink is coated in silver to prevent corrosion. I'm guessing you did no research whatsoever and just speaking out of turn.

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