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Plum Pilot Plus

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  • ri0
  • 15 Oct 2016

worst phone ever the battery dont last long it give problem

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    • rolin
    • 0Bh
    • 20 Sep 2016

    Nice phone actually.

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      • La-Cabra
      • Lx3
      • 24 Nov 2015

      i need the ROM for the PLUM Z550 .. i need help ..

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        • AnonD-436473
        • 8Bv
        • 12 Oct 2015

        It's possible with iRoot... There is also a recovery with a better disk partitioning just in case in "needrom" website. If you do, please share the original rom with us on needrom, there are no info or custom roms for this phone yet.

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          • JCV
          • LxW
          • 23 Jul 2015

          Hello !!!! Can someone help me out? I have the z550 and I can not do my updates. It displays an error that does not have enough space. And in storing phone I have 4.98 gb. and 28.5 gb sd memory. I can not do is install and configure not all in the internal memory, it is the fault that I have.

          I hope someone can help.

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            • Ed
            • Lxn
            • 14 Dec 2014

            Writin from my piloto plus.
            It's a good phone, worth the price, but not the best thing ever. If you like the freedom android offers (root) then you will not be happy, I haven't rooted mine but I read it's complicated. You cannot update to lolipop, plum will never release the update really, and there is no room from the community, I haven't tried with cyanogenmod but I don't think that will work. If you have the bucks go buy an LG G2 or G3.

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              • AnonD-330862
              • LCb
              • 14 Nov 2014

              Very good, he never presents lag, the applications run in a fluid way, the design is very good and the price is very good for the specifications that it contains