Poco F6 review

GSMArena Team, 28 May 2024.

Design and handling

The new Poco F6 isn't a massive departure from the F5 in terms of design, although there are a few notable changes. The camera rings look bigger, the circular LED flash replaces the somewhat useless third camera from before, but the overall feel in hand hasn't changed one bit.

Poco F6 review

The whole body is still very much plastic, but the display's protection has been bumped up to Gorilla Glass Victus. Ingress protection gets a modest upgrade too, from IP53 to IP64.

Poco F6 review

The slightly curved panel on the back provides a more comfortable grip, while the side frame houses the power button and volume rocker at the right place. Both buttons are easily reachable.

Xiaomi Poco F6 - Poco F6 review Xiaomi Poco F6 - Poco F6 review
Xiaomi Poco F6 - Poco F6 review Xiaomi Poco F6 - Poco F6 review
Xiaomi Poco F6

We really like how light the Poco F6 feels. The handset weighs a gram shy of 180g, which is quite impressive for a 6.67-inch phone. The polycarbonate build surely helps.

Poco F6 review

The available color schemes are Black, Green and Titanium. We have the Black paint job and we are surprised that it doesn't leave noticeable smudges or fingerprints and the surface. And although with a smooth finish, it's not as slippery as one would expect.

Poco F6 review

Gone is the side-mounted fingerprint reader, and we welcome the under-display scanner. It's much more versatile, and it has become an industry standard. We just wished it wasn't jammed so close to the bottom edge - it makes it a bit awkward to reach.

Poco F6 review

Other than that, we like how the new Poco F6 design turned out, at least from a usage perspective. The unnecessarily big camera rings may be a bit polarizing, but that's a subjective matter as usual. So join us for the objective test on the next page.

Reader comments

What's your usage pattern, how much 'screen on time' are you getting? If the display is the factory behind poor battery backup, can you please set the resolution to 1080 and then check SOT.

  • Shoden
  • 08 Jul 2024
  • a4P

I have the same issue, battery doesn't last long

  • The
  • 07 Jul 2024
  • KZK

I might be wrong but,I wonder if the DISPLAY is the biggest reason why the phone's battery drained out so fast. Like,the phone got a 68B(12-bit display)colors and also Dolby Vision,not to mention that it got a 1.5K resolution too. Well...