Poco X6 Neo hands-on review

GSMArena Team, 06 April 2024.


The design of the Poco X6 Neo is one of its standout features. As previously mentioned, this is claimed to be the thinnest Poco phone yet, and it shows. At just 7.7mm, the phone looks and feels very thin in hand. Even with the case on, the X6 Neo is thinner than some other phones without a case.

Poco X6 Neo hands-on review

The X6 Neo is constructed entirely out of plastic, save for the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front. However, the choice of materials makes the phone feel a lot nicer than you normally find in this price range.

The sides of the frame are perfectly flat with a matte texture. But it's the back that is the star of the show on this Martian Orange variant. The entire back has an iridescent glow and shimmer to it that moves as you move the phone under light in a way that is reminiscent of sand dunes. It's quite a fetching pattern that adds a lot of character to the phone's design. It is, however, limited to this specific color, as Astral Black and Horizon Blue finishes are quite plain.

Poco X6 Neo hands-on review

Near the top of the phone is a large camera island as seen on other Poco X6 phones. Here you will find just two camera lenses, only one of which is really usable. Also present is an LED flash and a circular pattern, which is really just there for visual symmetry and isn't functional. The camera island on this variant also has an iridescent appearance like the rest of the back, but glossy instead of matte. The two lenses also have these beautiful glossy rings surrounding them.

As for the rest of the design, you get fairly thin and even bezels on the front with a subtle camera cutout at the top. All the physical buttons are on the right and on the top you will find a headphone jack and IR blaster.

The overall design of the X6 Neo is really nice and belies the pricing for the device. Even the little things like the way the front glass just melds into the side frame without a rubber edge like you'd find on a phone in this price range set it apart from the competition. It's also helped by a fairly sturdy build despite the plastic construction as well as IP54 dust and water resistance.

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Consider phones that have PWM Dimming on their OLED screens, like, perhaps, the Honor 90.

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Anybody use custom Roms or GSI Roms on this can share their experience? How well does GCAM work on this phone with Mediatek, especially 3x zoom

Thank you kind sir