Possible 4G LTE and new Exynos for the Galaxy S III on Rogers?

10 May, 2012

It has been widely speculated that the North American version of the new Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S III, would run on the Snapdragon S4 chipset rather than the Exynos 4 Quad found in the international version. This is largely due to the LTE support, which will be enabled on the North American version of the smartphone.

An ad from Canadian carrier Rogers however would have you believe otherwise as a recently spotted banner indicates that the phone would have an Exynos chip inside, alongside 4G LTE support.

However, the Exynos chip inside may not be Exynos 4 which the current release version sports, but instead the upcoming Exynos 5. The Exynos 5 is supposedly more LTE-friendly than the current Exynos, and should be ready by Q2 of this year - perhaps just in time for the North American launch of the S III.

For all we know, this could be just a typo, but perhaps US and Canada will eventually see the Exynos in one form or another on the upcoming S III. We'll have to wait and see.



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The increase in price in third world locations is due to the amount of subs per tower being much lower than in big cities and financially stable areas.

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Its funny that you would say bell or telus' network can compete with rogers. Im just curious as to what makes you believe the provider with the most subscribers is the worst one?