Preliminary ban of HTC One lifted in the Netherlands

24 April, 2013

Yesterday, the Dutch court granted an injunction against the HTC One due to the use of a proprietary microphone belonging to Nokia. However, today The Hague ruled that HTC was not at fault, and has allowed the sales of the HTC One in Holland to resume.

The microphone in question was developed by ST Microelectronics in conjunction with Nokia to use exclusively in the Finns' devices for the next year. However, ST Microelectronics violated this agreement, and decided to allow HTC the use of the hardware devices in its new One flagship.

The Hague has since ruled that HTC had no way of knowing the details of the arrangement between Nokia and ST Microelectronics, and has shifted the blame to the latter.

HTC is not out of the woods yet, however, as while it is allowed to sell all smartphones containing the chip produced until now, it must find an alternative supplier for microphones for any future One devices produced.

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Reader comments

  • VR

you are funny. commenting something u r not in. HTC is not expands to any market. HTC works with specific countries, and, this is the cause for the Jamaican telecoms to not sell HTC. HTC just not interested in such markets, exactly as HTC declined ...

  • AnonD-144711

Everyone is welcome to use Android, that's kind of the point with the OS...

  • AnonD-5449

Lol. Actually when Nokia announced they're gonna use Windows Phone, Google was disappointed and said that Nokia is welcome to use Android any time they want.

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