Prestigio MultiPad 7.0 Ultra Duo

Prestigio MultiPad 7.0 Ultra Duo

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I used to have one of these, but the charging port caused an issue.
Was super slow, I used to get App_Name keeps crashing all the time till I factory reset it, then after some time the same thing. Was pretty annoying for the time. If you are buying this just to keep it as an old tablet, please DON'T.

    • D
    • AnonD-341071
    • miF
    • 13 Dec 2014

    I have had this pad for a year now. First thing I did was rooting, it took awhile but managed to do that. But still its pretty slow and freezes a lot but for this money it is (Y)

      • R
      • Ray
      • fsT
      • 27 Sep 2014

      Can someone show me how 'Instagram' and 'WhatsApp' work on this plus some other Apps? Thank you !!

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        • AnonD-203621
        • n{k
        • 28 Feb 2014

        I am an actual owner of this Tablet. It is the PMP5870C (Model). It is very pretty and comes w/ a nice, strong LEATHER Case. It runs Android v4.1.1 . It also comes with a "nasty" root-protection system, which makes things QUITE "hard" for exploiting & rooting it. Even Framaroot App (up to the latest v1.91) can NOT root it! It's almost impossible to root it, despite it comes w/ "Busybox" pre-installed... Anyway, for any other questions and clarifications you guys may need, just lemme know, but before that do utilise: (1) GOOGLE and (2) XDA Developers Website . Bye :-)

          • a
          • android
          • JFp
          • 15 Dec 2013

          Is it android 4.1.2 or 4.1.1?

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            • dawtona
            • m{W
            • 03 Dec 2013

            Great tab for low price. Good specs and Android 4.1 makes it lag free.

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              • aras
              • MXu
              • 06 Oct 2013

              Good speed 14000 antutu4. Nice battery- 6h of internet browsing. Etui in box.