Prestigio MultiPad 8.0 Pro Duo

Prestigio MultiPad 8.0 Pro Duo

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Craig, 03 Nov 2013How much storage is dedicated to application installation?7.5GB user available in internal memory...

  • Craig

How much storage is dedicated to application installation?

  • Anonymous

not bad overall for the price...on disadvantage screen is VERY VERY sensitive (confused by browsing and logging)sometimes some of the programs logs out automatically while using

Best in low budget Tabs !

  • AnonD-51487

Has to be the worst screen on any device I have ever seen. The polarisation in portrait gives such an eye strain the device is unusable. Sad, as the build quality is totally fantastic. Also, the speed of the chip set puts many more expensive devices to shame. £87 ASDA, but even at that price....not a good choice, screen screen and screen are the issue. However, if I ever see an IPS display version on sale at a reasonable price....the quality of manufacture has impressed me.

  • rafee

it is very nice tablet (:

  • AnonD-73149

i had this cool tablette since january and it's really realy cool and no lags no bugs .... good job prestigio ^^