Prestigio MultiPhone 5044 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 5044 Duo

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  • Nick

It supports sandisk microsSD extreme Pro 32GB U3 A1
In FAT format, not exFAT.
I root prestigio and with Link2SD free up the Ram.
Now it works to me.

  • nada

I'am from lebanon
plz how can i get a PAP5044 DUO

  • Howard

The simple bad thing about this phone is the pitiful 4GB internal memory. Prestigio suggest that one runs as many applications on the SD memory card that one can, but this is just not possible. If the internal memory was 16GB, it would be a much better phone.

  • Anonymous

I am looking for headhpones for my prestigio 5370 duo phone. How can I get one

  • adriana11i

for screenshot press volume down button + start button + home button, all together in the same time until you hear a camera shot sound and a notification that the screenshot was taken

  • MZ

I am using the mobile for more then two years. The internal memory is not capable to cope with more then 3-4 applications. The GPS is hopeless. Otherwise quite good phone. From today's perspective it is an old fashioned phone. Have to replace it with new one....

  • Gino

Hi Iàve got sum issue regarding my sim card , the mobile working with all sims excepted Poste Mobile , do you have any idea why the sim wont work? Thanks

  • olinšbolinš

GPS suck on this phone, but perfomance is good,
the casual user to be happy!!!

  • eltons82

nwwaa, 03 Dec 2014had the same problem. just format your phone storidgeI format the phone but the problem its the same!
How can update this device because its not possible, i appears error when start update!

  • Anonymous

Kras66, 15 Jun 2015I can't make screenshot on Prestigio 5044. I have tried Vol... moreFunny..mine works power button+volume down (at the same time) o.O

  • AnonD-406672

I can't make screenshot, I have tried - Volume down + Power button - there was inscription Cannot capture. The thumbnail became dark with another inscription - Cannot generate thumbnail. I downloaded apk Easy screenshot - same result. Does anybody know something different?

  • Kras66

I can't make screenshot on Prestigio 5044. I have tried Volume Down + Start button - screenshot became dark and the inscription was - Cannot capture. Then was inscription - Cannot generate thumbnail. I tried with apk Easy screenshot - same results. Does anybody knows where is the problem?

  • Ronny

Why does my number show private no, and note my name? Can some one please help me. When I call friends, they don't answer, cause it says private no.

  • AnonD-210655

AnonD-345753, 27 Dec 2014It is possible to increase the phone's internal memory (0,9... moreNope!

I have asked couple of times the Guys form the tech support and they said its not possible...

That's why i broke that phone one day while I was so angry to having the chance to install a small update.....

My opinion is sell it and get the G7 Huawei ... its the same price and you get 16 Gigs ....

  • Heisenberg

Brumby, 12 Dec 2014I use iPhone/Apple earphones. They fit and work perfectly.did not worked for me so I asked Prestigio CS, they answered "try to look for "nokia standard" earphones.

  • Heisenberg

Anyone having problem finding replacement earphones/headset for PAP 5044. "Nokia standard" 3.5mm works perfectly.

no luck with: htc, samsung, huawei, iphone earphones.

  • AnonD-345753

It is possible to increase the phone's internal memory (0,98GB) by reducing the second (1,74GB)?

  • pepi

Tomza, 20 Nov 2014Hello do somebody know how can i take a screenshot? Thanks ... morepress the lock and volume doun button together and hold a second

  • Brumby

Geisenheim, 18 Oct 2014Anyone knows where to buy replacement headset (earphones) w... moreI use iPhone/Apple earphones. They fit and work perfectly.

  • neven

Tomza, 20 Nov 2014Hello do somebody know how can i take a screenshot? Thanks ... moreu press volme button - , and power button at the same time