Prestigio MultiPhone 5430 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 5430 Duo

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  • 25 Sep 2014

shin, 19 Jul 2014My gf got one now but I don't have much believe into this, ... moreit is indeed made of cheap materials, it ain't worth it

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    • stonec
    • naY
    • 28 Jul 2014

    What is correct: Prestigio MultiPhone 5430 or Prestigio MultiPhone 5430 Duo? Or both?

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      • shin
      • nxT
      • 19 Jul 2014

      Omid87, 04 Oct 2013Hi,friends.In short there is nothing special to mention abo... moreMy gf got one now but I don't have much believe into this, I do own prestigio navi. And tablet, which are pretty great but I ll stay with my Lumia 925 32GB Edition. This 5430 looks like made out of cheap materials.

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        • Randomguay123
        • S28
        • 10 Feb 2014

        When i wanted to buy a new phone(i had an old nokia) first question was Samsung but i didnt like the models and this model prestigion 5430 is hot. 2 years after i bought it it was stell good and it realy worth but the Companyes models get bad ranks because the Company is not very popular

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          • Zezan
          • a44
          • 16 Nov 2013

          Why vice city dont work on this phone ?

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            • kirca
            • 04S
            • 21 Oct 2013

            Omid87, 04 Oct 2013Hi,friends.In short there is nothing special to mention abo... moreI agree with "babak" (2013-10-05 14:51).

            Look and see for yourself about Intel rewards for Prestigio MultiPhone PAP5430:

            Intel rewards ASBIS in recognition of smartphone and tablet engagement in 2013

            ASBISc Enterprises PLC acknowledged by Intel Corporation for its dominant position in the distribution of Intel-based smartphones and tablets across EMEA

            ASBISC Enterprises PLC (WSE: ASB), an expert in the distribution of IT products in EMEA emerging markets, has been honoured by Intel Corporation in recognition of Intel-based smartphone and tablet engagement in 2013 all over the EMEA region at the Intel Channel Executive Conference in Rome, Italy on September 18, 2013.

            The leadership position of ASBIS in the distribution of Intel-based mobile solutions brought this prestigious award from Intel Corporation. ASBIS successfully develops the market of smartphones and tablets and Intel-based in particular. The company’ portfolio contains the wide range of tablet PCs based on Intel processor. Nevertheless the principal advancement in this segment was reached due to the supply of smartphones with Intel processor inside under own ASBIS trademark Prestigio.

            In April 2013 Intel Corporation and ASBIS agreed the global channel deal on the Intel architecture smartphones supplied by Prestigio. This cooperation resulted in the new Prestigio MultiPhone PAP5430 with Intel Atom processor inside which is available now to the ASBIS customers in all countries of the company’ presence. This Prestigio smartphone delivers fast Web browsing, responsive apps, and effortless multitasking. Powered by the Intel Atom processor it allows effortlessly move between multiple applications on-the-go with up to 1.2 Ghz advanced power. Featuring an advanced 8MP HD camera MultiPhone PAP5430 lets capture images quickly – up to 8 photos a second and easily create and share HD-quality video. The fully integrated graphics engine gives the enhanced gaming experiences for rich 3D immersive reality and great responsiveness.

            taken from:

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              • Pizzonia
              • MNU
              • 18 Oct 2013

              Official Prestigio support saying that JB is not planned. If you buying this phone consider that.

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                • Anonymous
                • 0x%
                • 06 Oct 2013

                single sim ,definitely

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                  • babak
                  • dQJ
                  • 05 Oct 2013

                  Omid87, 04 Oct 2013Hi,friends.In short there is nothing special to mention abo... moreyou should work with a phone first then come and complaint, there is not phone in range of prestigio 85300 in my country which is quadcore ( except huawei g525 ) which is lower in specs than 5300.

                  5300 is a great phone and stylish and will provide everything you need from a smartphone

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                    • Omid87
                    • a3Y
                    • 04 Oct 2013

                    Hi,friends.In short there is nothing special to mention about all these Prestiguo products!Design,performance,features,cpu,browser and other qualities are low below avarage and all under the standard norms of todays nececities for the devices!As I checked ,the prices are very high specially about phones!!!?I don,t recommend any of these devices according to my moral duties and obligations to write facts here!Ofcourse those who like to buy have the freedom to spend their money at the wrong place!I wish the better products and future for the prestigio(beautiful name!)as the eyes of many are wide open these days with the existance of the gsm factwriting and accepting site!Good wish,hope,luck and future for all!

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                      • garry
                      • 956
                      • 26 Sep 2013

                      this is incridible

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                        • babak
                        • dQJ
                        • 24 Sep 2013

                        really stylish back cover,looking at that is enough to buy it but unfortunately its not as good as 5300 and 5044, maybe because the cpu which is not a grat one like lenovo k900.
                        this phone has a bad battery back up, it drains really fast if you just use opera mini.

                        the worst thing for me was that if you install mxplayer on the phone the app will not play any clips from 480p to 720p but you can play all of them with its original player but that one has no support for subtitles. so if you wanna buy it forget about multimedia and buy it just for normal use of sms mms and telephone.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pXj
                          • 23 Sep 2013

                          It's Single Regular SIM, It Comes in Black and White and the Photo is wrong.

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                            • pizzonia
                            • MNU
                            • 21 Sep 2013

                            It's not a dualsim phone. Black color is available.