Prestigio MultiPhone 5508 Duo

Prestigio MultiPhone 5508 Duo

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  • Spectator
  • Nht
  • 22 Aug 2017

john, 26 Mar 2017This phone is absolute trash. I've had it for about a year ... moreHi John, are you talking about the Prestigio MultiPhone 5508 Duo, because it doesn't have a SD card slot, as the spec summary above says, it is a dual Sim card phone, no card slot, so I suppose you phone could be having issues if you somehow managed to fit an sd card into a sim slot. That could scamble its brains for sure, but then probably an phone would could have an issue with a sd card in a sim card slot. Its Not an Iphone, but then it doesn't cost the same as an iphone, for me this was an awesome phone, fantastic camera, descent apps, and easy menu system

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    • john
    • 6tR
    • 26 Mar 2017

    This phone is absolute trash. I've had it for about a year now and it's shown to be an absolutely unusable piece of wasted resources. For the last two or three months i have been unable to download anything bigger than 500 MB (dispite it showing me that there is well over 3 GB left unused on my SD card). But that's only the beginning, since last week random apps have been opening and closing without any input,often freezing the device. That, on it's own has made the phone unable to use, but rescently when i reeboted the phone,instead of showing me the usual PIN code board the display is bombarded with caution windows of apps failing to boot,thus rendering me helpless to do anything but press "OK" on every single window. If you are in need of a phone that funcions correctly or at least a descent preformance from the devices main functions, don't buy this phone. I wouldn't recommend this garbage to anyone unless it's a prank or something.

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      • Ayy Lmao
      • 3IU
      • 14 Nov 2016

      My friend had one of these, they look good but break fast and are pretty trash

      That's what you get for trusting a Belorussian-Cypriot money laundering scheme company

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        • Pap5450 user
        • 3bp
        • 22 Aug 2016

        Prestigio makes bad phones... I have been using my Pap5450 and its HORRIBLE

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          • Big mike
          • nxH
          • 13 Jul 2016

          Alex, 30 Mar 2016Hi, the same problem here with display, after few months... moreI have a prestigio 5508 just had a new charging port fitted in phonefixer they are in theater square they had to send it to London and it cost £25 give them a ring

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            • Frank
            • NuU
            • 10 May 2016

            I have had this phone for just 5 months now and the camera has just stopped working without any mechanical shock. I have sent a query to but no response. I contacted the local dealer who sold me this phone and he can't help either. M very stressed.

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              • Alex
              • MCX
              • 30 Mar 2016


              the same problem here with display, after few months, the display just broken over night (without mechanical shocks or blows) , and an error show on the screen, they refuse to take the phone in guarantee, now i'm looking for display replacement, i cannot find from where to take one, can some one to give me a correct link for this display please? Thank You a lot.

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                • Axiom
                • Hxf
                • 06 Jan 2016

                samra, 31 Dec 2015Hello everyone. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and nowher... moreyou will get screen from DUBAI ......,,,

                you can contact with ASBIS MIDDLE EAST

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                  • BeanzMeanz
                  • B{w
                  • 31 Dec 2015

                  Had this phone for under year and the screen broke whilst in my pocket and I can not get a replacement !!!!!!!!!! Always had trouble with the touch screen thought it was me as I have the onset of "white finger". However when my 22 year old son tried to use it he almost threw it against the wall as the touch screen so so poor to use (unable to adjust factory setting) In my families opinion the phone very poor quality and not user friendly. The only good thing I can say is that dual sim is a fantastic concept and will be looking for an other to replacement but a better brand name with spare parts available in England.

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                    • samra
                    • 390
                    • 31 Dec 2015

                    Hello everyone. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and nowhere here, and in Serbia and Croatia I could not find display to change it ( display on my phone is broken and more then 3 months I can not use my phone which is great and full offpictures and some notes)... Does someone have idea how I can repeare my cellphone, how and where I can bye display.. Actually, I have one Poland site, but I am not sure what I exactly need and how to order it, due to everithing is on Polish... There is site ... And everithing o this side is for model PAP5508 duo, but my Phone is Model PSP 5509 duo, is it the same or not.... All the best.. Hope someone will answer me, and someone will finde something for yourselfe on the site...

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                      • Anonymous
                      • JA$
                      • 19 Dec 2015

                      First, you can find LCD if you try. my screen was broken too, by my mistake. Pne guy said that it has bad lcd.. Man, lcd on every phone will crack if it fells down, be realistic. I have this phone for over a year now, love the procesor, i'm playing some serious games on it and it still works fine. It had it moments,but every phone has a flaw. Camera is great, and over all, for that money, you can't find Samsung or Sony with that quality.

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                        • NO LCD
                        • ptB
                        • 14 Dec 2015

                        DONT buy this phone!!! No LCD screen available.

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                          • AnonD-474239
                          • Mvr
                          • 09 Dec 2015

                          My Prestigio 5508 takes good photos in low light, but only if I disable the flash.
                          With now flash, the low light photos are actually quite good.
                          I think the camera is a good one, but the software isn't calibrated and can't take advantage of the flash.

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                            • AnonD-460028
                            • i8j
                            • 27 Oct 2015

                            This prestigio phone PSP5508Duo has a 13 mp camera and a bsi sensor,but can not take photos in low light and dark conditions.Photos are over exposed.Is this normal?Service center says this is normal,and they can not do nothing. Do you agree,is this normal?

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                              • persian
                              • 33p
                              • 21 Oct 2015

                              Hi. help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .
                              I need ROM 5508
                              PLZ LINK TO ROM FOR DOWNLOAD

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                                • Goos
                                • Mvr
                                • 30 Sep 2015

                                I have this phone for over a year and and I had no problem with it.
                                It's great value for money (I paid less than 200 euros for it) and it runs great even with more than 150 apps installed (I still have 3 GB of free space).
                                It got ove 31.000 points in Antutu, and the battery life is great (more than 2 days of average usage).

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                                  • heapydood
                                  • dQ9
                                  • 11 Aug 2015

                                  Had this phone for almost a year. I would not recommend this brand if you live in the UK. Apart from no SD slot, No 4G the real problem is after sales service. I dropped my phone while it was in the protective case supplied from about 3 feet and the touch screen cracked. The touch screen stopped working and thats when the fun started. The ONLY service centre for Prestigio is a company called Electrical Partners in Talford. They don't answer phone calls or emails and if ever get your phone to them, you won't ever get it back repaired at least. No other UK repair service will touch Prestigio and you cant get spare parts outside of eastern europe. Take my bad experience as your advantage and DON'T BUY THIS PHONE.. stick with a well known brand. I have made Maplin aware of this issue and they called me back to say they were disgusted with the attitude of the Prestigio service centre. Maplin are not responsible for your after sales service and cant help you.. be warned.. this is money down the drain.

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                                    • Raynbeard
                                    • nx$
                                    • 05 Aug 2015

                                    Had this phone for at least 6 months, no hardware issues or failures so far, all good on that front.

                                    For the money, the hardware's excellent. Excellent processor, great camera, screen and internal memory's good.

                                    But, no SD slot, and 1Gb RAM. 2 would've been nice.

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                                      • AnonD-171495
                                      • 33x
                                      • 26 Jul 2015

                                      for all of you who buy phones this phone has a Mediatek MT6592. i had a mediatek phone it lasted 7 days and it died. so wen you chose a phone go with a snapdragon becous its quality.
                                      sorry for my bad english

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                                        • Very disappointed
                                        • JxE
                                        • 14 Jul 2015

                                        Hi! I bought 5508 duo in December 2014. At first everything was OK. After two months the microphone broke down. Went to Prestigio service and they replace it - on my cost, they said water came in phone. Even today I don't know how...if I can belive them. After that I had phone for 4 months and this week the Option, Home and Back button stopped working. I rebooted it and every advice I found online but still nothing.
                                        Meanwhile occasionally it simply frozed, apps were closing down, speaker and microphone must be very, very, really very bad because the speaker's sound is terrible while having a conversation, also people oftenly told me they don't hear me. Btw, if this phone falls down you have very good chance that something will be wrong with the touchscreen, I have some color mulfunction at the right side of the screen..apperantly phone touched the floor on that very spot. When I had HTC 3d, pfone survieved for three years everything and now I will still have it as a backup phone. Also..this phone is Octa core..but belive me it is not any faster than quad core phones.

                                        So my advice, stay away of Prestigio, not just phone, but everything. Prestigio and "durable" has nothing in common. I really regret I bought this crap. It is not worth any money.