Price and launch date announced for the 14MP packing Altek Leo

17 June, 2010

We've seen the Altek Leo before - an Android smartphone that thinks it's a 14MP point-and-shoot camera or vice versa. At CommunicAsia, Altek showed off a working unit of their lion and added some info about price and release date.

The camera specs read like a typical point-and-shoot camera - 14MP resolution, 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor and 3x optical zoom and xenon flash. Altek typically make digicams, so that was to be expected. The Altek Leo also features smile detection and sweep panorama.

Altek Leo Altek Leo Altek Leo
Altek Leo live photos

To check how the Leo stacks up against other camera phones, check out our blog post about image sensor size in various phones, including Nokia N8, Sony Ericsson Satio and the Samsung Pixon12.

Smartphone part of the Altek Leo runs Android 2.1 with the company working on bringing the 2.2 Froyo update to the Altek Leo. The other phone-related specs are scarce though.

The Altek Leo will hit Asia first - Hong Kong, China and Taiwan - some time in Q4. Unfortunately, Altek didn't say if the Leo will be heading west. As for the price, it's estimated at 499 US dollars (400 euro).



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where can you get this phone on contract

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Its official group:

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Iphones are made by Foxconn, not in America. Android is based Linux, so to a very large extent a world wide project and not one that can be strictly attributed to Americans. Linux was first the product of a a Finnish man, but of course Linux is der...

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