Pricing and availability for LG Rolling Bot revealed

Peter, 07 July, 2016

The LG Rolling Bot will soon be available in the US and the UK. It will arrive late compared to the other LG Friends, but it's definitely one of the oddest gadgets we've seen recently.

It's a robotic avatar you can use to check up on things at home while you are away. You can drive it around with the built-in camera and use the speaker to talk to people (or your cat).

It even has an IR blaster so you can control equipment at home (e.g. turn on the air conditioner so it's nice and cool when you get home). There's also a laser pointer you can use to blind your enemies (or play with your cat).

MobileFun is asking $247 or 229 for the Rolling Bot. Stock is expected in a month, so you can't quite buy one yet. We couldn't find the Bot in any other stores, at least not with a listed price and availability date. If you do find it elsewhere, drop a line in the comments.


Reader comments

  • NoCats

Really ? Find me a cat that will cost me less than $249/year and we're good.......


Seriously? The epitome of anti-social waste of money. Get a cat to hug and clean up after then buy a robot to play with it. Genius.

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