Production at Foxconn beats expectations, slow market a worry

Ivan, 12 March 2020

Foxconn founder Terry Gou has addressed media, saying that the reopening of Foxconn factories is going well and that production has exceeded expectations, although he didn't specify what those expectations were.

Gou revealed that supplies to Foxconn plants in Taiwan and China have returned to normal, but warned that the lowered consumer demand due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak will have an impact on Foxconn and its partners' bottom lines.

Foxconn revenue has dropped by more than $1.6B in February because of factory closures and the need to send workers home.

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Foxconn is Apple's main manufacturer. The outbreak caused a significant delay to iPhone 9 manufacturing and made the company to indefinitely postpone the launch of the phone.

Still, it's good to hear that life in China is slowly getting back to normal and that includes production in its many smartphone factories.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-732843
  • 15 Mar 2020
  • 3Zy

Good that you're concerned about the workers' welfare though let me assure you that they're definitely not well paid and that's not okay.

Yeah, man. I mean I am as happy as the next guy for a nation rising up to challange US Monopoly on almost everything and especially in tech-spgere, but do you have to be 'that' obvious about it? Lol

What're you smoking man, really? Oh wait, it seems like CCP newspaper rolled down - no need to put anything under it even. Just light it up and world (Chinese world, I suppose) is good. Eternal Utopia. I just hope foxconn helps it's workers g...

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