Project Fi offering a $200 discount on the Pixel 2 XL, heavy discounts on LG phones

Ricky, 14 August 2018

Project Fi is holding a few discounts for those who are interested in Google’s MVNO network in the US. When you buy and activate a Google Pixel 2 XL on Project Fi, you can get $200 knocked off the price of the phone. In order to get the $200 Pixel 2 XL credit, you must activate the phone within 30 days or the discount will no longer be honored.

The other deal is a $50 service credit when you buy a Moto G6 and activate it on Project Fi. You must activate the device within 60 days of the phone’s shipment and the credit will be applied to your account within one to two billing cycles.

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Finally, the biggest deal on Project Fi is up to a $899 service credit when financing two LG smartphones. If you buy two LG G7 ThinQ phones, you can get $899 back in the form of Project Fi service credit, or you can get $749 service credit if you purchase and activate two LG V35 ThinQ smartphones. If you buy one of each, you’ll get back the service credit for the device of lesser value ($749 for the V35 ThinQ).

These deals are now live on Project Fi’s website and will last all the way through August 31.



Reader comments

  • Asif

hahahahahahahaha what an answer

  • Elias

It's shame only rich people can use all these good deals, where I live(Iran) the average salary is only 120 US$ for a month but in US you can make it in a day or two with simplest job, and still they got the best deal and cheapest price comparing to ...

  • sumdumguy

Thanks for that (almost accurate) assessment, Cpt. Obvious. My point was that Google could easily strike a similar deal with some european provider. It's just another virtual operator. With the added benefit that we wouldn't need to use a SIM ca...

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