Purple Sony Xperia Z hits UK in early April

13 March, 2013

Sony Xperia Z is already available globally in black and white paintjobs, but the purple version is yet to be released.

Clove UK has just announced it will receive purple Sony Xperia Z stock in early April and is already taking orders for it. The purple Xperia Z costs the same as the black and white units.

Sony has announced the Xperia Z in three colors - black, white and purple, but there was no official info on when the latter will hit the stores. We think that April deadline won't only apply to the UK though, so you can start checking your local stores next month.

So, the purple and water-proof Xperia Z is finally coming too. St. Valentine's day is behind us, but it's never too late to get your girl another expensive present, right?



Reader comments

  • AnonD-1267

O2 have the exclusive deal on the purple variant in their uk stores (although they still sell the black version, they don't have the white one). Carphone warehouse also sell the purple one, but only if you get it on o2. It should'nt be branded i...

  • AnonD-116611

I to have one in purple! it's so awesome!

  • John paul

I am having a purple one and its osm....!