Qtek 7070

Qtek 7070

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  • AnonD-58198
  • 3iR
  • 21 Jul 2012

if the cpu was 800 mhz this would be the world best phone

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    • hai
    • PUB
    • 31 Mar 2009

    it s the best phone

      • c
      • christian
      • nF{
      • 08 Dec 2008

      first i thought its not the best phone ever but i brought and is brilliant the designs not that good but good stuff Mann good stuff

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        • Anonymous
        • PDP
        • 04 Sep 2008

        this 15 po..

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          • mikeyboy
          • PVh
          • 28 Dec 2007

          Hi. iam A former user of this phone and now after 1 year, my phone is dead for im not sure reason. with respect to this phone, ive used it to test its capabilities. in order for you to use this phone, you have to live with its "hanging capabilities". yeah. it hangs 75% sice i bought it. i hard reset this 2x a MONTH and non of the f***ing hard resets addressed the hanging issues. Performance, i gave it a below satisfactory grade because of its speed. yeah this phone has a speed of f***ing 5-6 sec per application. yeah. fast enough? well you can ask your good friends have this phone.


          i love this phone but i hate it more....

            • P
            • Phone master
            • w0Q
            • 13 Dec 2007

            best phone ever and I really love it.I have lots of application in my Qtek and it really helps me a lot.it has an advenced features compared with other phones in the market right now.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • PSw
              • 16 Oct 2007

              weirdest phone
              i thought i was lucky then to have this phone but then it began to hang a lot and i had to remove the battery for it to restart. suddenly it started to not accept the sim card.
              i just liked the solitaire and the camera of this phone cause i dropped in water, i just air dried it and it worked again!

                • a
                • anthony
                • PVh
                • 26 Sep 2007

                visit this site there are lots of application for QTEK www.airfagev.com

                  • I
                  • IVAN
                  • m{j
                  • 22 Aug 2007

                  Please tell me from where I can Download Microsoft Windows 2002 Smartphone? PLEASE!!! MY QTeq 7070 OS is broken

                    • f
                    • framan
                    • PV2
                    • 11 Jul 2007

                    at firts i'm think i am a lucky one to have this smartphone. but later it worst than ever. why because of the cpacity of memory which is very little.

                      • J
                      • Jethro
                      • 2T3
                      • 06 Jun 2007

                      I have a 7070 and I like it..but for some reason my programs and contact screens have become blank..any suggestions?

                        • M
                        • Mr T
                        • myC
                        • 12 Mar 2007

                        If I remember,ringtones must be in WAV format

                          • I
                          • Igor
                          • puy
                          • 08 Mar 2007

                          To place MP3 for ringtone, you must convert it to specified format. But, I don't know right now parameters. It is not true that IM is not working, I use IM on this phone for about 2 years, and there is plenty of programs to install...

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • St}
                            • 26 Feb 2007

                            how i can set mp3 for rington?

                              • N
                              • Nostromo
                              • mJd
                              • 19 Jan 2007

                              Please can someone tell me where i can download user manual for qtek 7070 thnx!

                                • Z
                                • Zviki
                                • M@T
                                • 01 Jan 2007

                                Old phone! Bad phone! Slow,no programs to install,msn doesnt work,voice in call have echo... Maybe it was good in 1Q 2004

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Tug
                                  • 29 Dec 2006

                                  Yes you can add a camera

                                    • J
                                    • Justas
                                    • nbt
                                    • 17 Dec 2006

                                    God. This is worst mobile I have ever had. First two months of using 7070 was ok. But then something happened to joystick and both confirm buttons. They just had broken. I'm not speaking about how bloody slow the processor was and how many times the phone got frozen...

                                      • j
                                      • jay
                                      • 2Am
                                      • 23 Nov 2006

                                      my smartphone lost is operating system,what will I do?

                                        • j
                                        • januar
                                        • PFE
                                        • 10 Jun 2006

                                        Can i add a camera on it ?