Qtek 8020

Qtek 8020

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  • Anonymous
  • mtt
  • 14 May 2010

how can i use a song on the memory card as ring tone

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    • Anonymous
    • mtt
    • 14 May 2010

    how can i use a song on the memory card as ring tone

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      • Anonymous
      • mtt
      • 14 May 2010

      how can i use a song saved on the memory card as a ring tone

        • E
        • Emmy
        • N7C
        • 16 Nov 2009

        How can I get internet settings into my phone. I live in South Sudan and I use ZAIN network which has that GPRS/Internet services?
        How do I set my phone to access this services?

          • E
          • Enoch
          • mtt
          • 02 Oct 2009

          I have had this model for some time now but how come it does not read from a memory card directly and other types do or even other models and brands do this?
          Due to its uniqueness,is it possoble to down load soft ware on to this phone for my personal use say,graphics soft ware?

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            • Anonymous
            • PiL
            • 12 Dec 2008


              • f
              • farouk
              • T3c
              • 06 Jun 2008

              helo may anyone let me know whether its possible to download anew version of operating system on ma phone and please may i know where to get the latest downloads.

                • D
                • David
                • MpQ
                • 29 May 2008

                how do i get to browse the internet from my qtek 8020?

                  • j
                  • jean marie
                  • ft%
                  • 13 May 2008

                  please help
                  I have a qtek 8020 but i canot call or receive.
                  only the flight mode network is on
                  I have prob to change it or connect with my local sim cards net work .
                  I have cd but don't have the user guide
                  Please,what's problem
                  I need help

                    • S
                    • Stephan
                    • S7G
                    • 21 Jan 2008

                    I found a solution: Just put your SIM Card into a different phone, enter the PUK code and then put the sim back into the qtek. after that a firmware update might help...

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                      • emesacsh
                      • Nhd
                      • 26 Oct 2007

                      hi i have the imate sp3i which is exactly the same. i have the exact same problem as Dan and i would like to know what he solution will be. my phone does not ring and i cant hear the call and the caller cant hear me. HELP PLEASE

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                        • Anonymous
                        • PMh
                        • 25 Jul 2007

                        I had a I-mate SP3I which is EXACTLY the same phone as this one and I have EXACTLY the same problems with the joystick. It just stopped moving. i loved the phone. i louded up all my music videos and so on and impress alot of mates with it, But one thing that I found sooooo annoying was that the menu where so hard to work though. it took forever to do something simple.

                          • H
                          • Hinano
                          • jtV
                          • 28 Jun 2007

                          After a year the joystick wouldn't move in some directions unless you pushed it 20 times...the 3 key wouldn't press, the phone always took like 5 minutes to boot up (crappy OS) and was just laggy in general. Also trying to configure T-Mobile USA's "tmobile web" service was hopeless.

                            • D
                            • Damir
                            • pXf
                            • 09 May 2007

                            I have 8020 and its great phone but I lose CD with softwer which I need to cenecting with my computer. Anybody have softwer?

                              • e
                              • edd
                              • nTZ
                              • 08 Mar 2007

                              how to turn on keypad lights? in darknes i can't see what i am presing?plzz help!

                                • v
                                • vilok
                                • Sn9
                                • 01 Jan 2007

                                An excellent smartphone! I have been using it for an 1.5 year!!!! And I am happy. I will change it on a Qtek 8310 only...

                                I wanted to get an coommunicator, but decided to buy a single pda (FujitsuSiemens C550) and a new smartphone. It's cool!

                                  • m
                                  • martin Seychell
                                  • p7J
                                  • 06 Nov 2006

                                  I have this phne since may 2006.All was ok but suddenly the scrolljoystick is not working. Anyone has any idea what should be done? I need to repair it as for e mails/sms typing this is necessary

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                                    • waver
                                    • MPv
                                    • 09 Aug 2006

                                    Hello all,
                                    I got this mobil from 2 years, I didn't notice any unstability or on this mobile, no bugs at all, but.. don't use the mobile while connected to USB or when you downloading (only answer and make calles while connected).

                                      • n
                                      • nicol
                                      • mTt
                                      • 25 Jul 2006

                                      for marcosem : have you found the way to change language?

                                        • l
                                        • lars_250@hotmail.com
                                        • nrr
                                        • 02 Jul 2006

                                        The scrolling funktion dosent work after I have enter wrong PIN-code three times. I had to enter PUK-code and new PIN-code. The scrollingfunction for to get down to write the new PIN, dosent work. I dont think the physical joystic is the problem, but a troubble in software. Thanks for all help. Lars, Norway