Qtek 8100

Qtek 8100

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  • 15 Sep 2009


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    • burt
    • nid
    • 15 Dec 2008

    I have this phone now since 2 years, and it's the worst mobile phone imaginable: bigg, heavy, and incredibly powerless. Two things could be done with it: use as a stomp projectile, or just drop it in the bin right away..

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      • Amanda
      • jLB
      • 02 Oct 2008

      Aaaargh! My phone isn't receiving Wap settings. Is it so complicated or is my phone getting senile?

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        • Anonymous
        • M97
        • 30 Jan 2008

        the joystick is crap and you need to have microsoft active sync installed on your pc in order to charge the phone using the usb cable.

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          • Shapel
          • 43a
          • 23 Mar 2007

          well its not a 8100 i don't know what version it is but please help if you can i wish to change the language but it looks like it's in norwegian language please e-mail me @ ultimaexe24@gmail.com
          oh wait it's one of those that's designed after a sidekick

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            • Frank
            • Sw9
            • 29 Jan 2007

            I have this phone now since 2 years, and it's the best mobile phone imaginable: small, lightweight, but incredibly powerful. Two things could be improved: the fiddly joystick and the display resolution. With a 5 point button instead of the joystick and a 200x320 resolution (like it was available as SDA II for a while at T-Mobile) this would be a dream!

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              • Jagy Kehal
              • kCJ
              • 23 Nov 2006

              I totally agree with Micheal. The phone is awesome as i wrote in my review an year ago. but the joystick started giving problems after about 3 months and now it hardly works. but can't let go of this phone....it is addictive... Qtek should do something about the joystick it is frustrating.

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                • Michael
                • iCL
                • 30 Oct 2006

                By all due respect, don't buy this phone.
                Well.. it's a brilliant phone for a gadget freak like myself, but the 5-way navigation button is of poor quality, and will stop working probably after a few mounths.. :(
                If qtec would just fix this problem, it wold be the best smartphone ever!

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                  • globetrekker
                  • Qt@
                  • 07 Jun 2006

                  The phone takes Mini SD cards. I just got one a couple of weeks ago. Again that's Mini SD. Not SD, not micro SD. Mini SD.


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                    • rock
                    • Qwb
                    • 30 Apr 2006

                    I realy like to buy this mobile, but can anyone tell me what kind of memorycard it takes cuz, I've read some specs and it seems that on some sites the word SD card has been mentioned and on this mini-SD. So please e-mail me on this one.

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                      • CorinaS
                      • Mvr
                      • 20 Apr 2006

                      I want to know where it is possible to find the user manual for it.

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                        • ALExcoi
                        • mA}
                        • 11 Apr 2006

                        Tomorow i will have one !
                        I will tell you about it after that :D

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                          • guntis
                          • mft
                          • 28 Jan 2006

                          Great phone, I have it 5month. Good plastic quality and nice to have in hand, good keyboard, display, operation with Contracts and sms! Its kind of perfect size, also different than others :)
                          Does anyone knows the "best" software site for this phone?

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                            • suksik
                            • M}G
                            • 23 Jan 2006

                            does this phone vga camera picture are same good does alcatel756

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                              • AK47
                              • mDJ
                              • 28 Sep 2005

                              This phone is great but microsoft needs to make improvements on the software bugs ie Win Media Player (it stops on its own) the hands free set kind of sux it is not practical. Otherwise the clarity is great just hope some updates will be available soon.
                              As for people wondering it is not touch screen and the full specs of the phone are located at qtek. Other than that great phone but it is worth going for the more expensive models of qtek they have a better finish.

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                                • Jagy Kehal
                                • PGj
                                • 27 Sep 2005

                                In simple words "AWESOME AND I'M LOVING IT" I'm from India and got this phone from my cousin working at Microsoft, Seattle. It is a wonderful and powerful machine and its really cool. Not many people around know that Windows can also run on mobiles.Great picture quality and sound clarity.Lot many functions than one can imagine after having a look at the phone. It hung once I Locked the keypad otherwise problem free. can anyone tell me how to enable the speakerphone?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Ui{
                                  • 21 Aug 2005

                                  how to unlock the keypad as i have set it to auto lock but now i dont want it to auto lock i cant find where i can disable this funtion... need help asap!

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                                    • drop by
                                    • F4p
                                    • 19 Aug 2005

                                    got this phone now in my hands..smartphone.. in singapore or asia we call it O2.... n this model is Xphone IIm... need to install your own bluetooth if you are thinking of sending files to others & also.... it does not support chinese... but this think can be easily solve by downloading software into it n become really smart now...lolz... look the phone mp3... it stereo not mono @ all.... other funtion are a bit hard if you never use a smarphone before but after 2 days i get use to it.... =D after all both thumb up for this prefect phone...

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mDD
                                      • 12 Aug 2005

                                      i don't know if this mobile phone recognize word and exel files??????????

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                                        • Felix
                                        • Aw@
                                        • 07 Aug 2005

                                        Guys, you know if this one has a TOUCHSCREEN also? Else I would feel like in the pre-mouse era using windows from the buttons.