Qtek 8310 review: An elf outruns the giants

Marek Lutonský, 30 December 2005.

Let me name some of its features: a smartphone equipped with the latest version of Windows Mobile OS, Wi-Fi and EDGE support, fine display with a resolution of 240 × 320 pixels, size and weight comparable to the ones of standard mobile phones. This is all Qtek 8310 - one of the best smartphones on the current market. What's more, it hits the market at an attractive price.

Key features

  • small dimensions and low weight
  • Wi-Fi
  • brilliant display
  • smooth synchronization
  • fast phonebook
  • good email client and internet browser
  • good price

Main disadvantages

  • no 3G
  • delayed reactions in some cases
  • memory card under the battery
  • no calls recording
  • relatively limited memory space
  • few visible innovations in the new OS version
  • low-quality camera application

Let me start this review in a way similar to the one I used in the review of the communicator Qtek 9100 several weeks ago. Today I am holding another device manufactured by the Taiwanese HTC - a company, whose products can be found under various names all over the world. Qtek 8310 is its main product as the manufacturer uses it as its own brand. The same device, yet with different outlook and under different name and brand, is being sold by many other companies too - i-mate SP5 and O2 XDA Orion to name a few. Among professionals this device is known as HTC Tornado, which is basically a manufacturing code indication.

Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310
Qtek 8310: quite a common phone at a glance

What can be done with Qtek 8310?

Qtek 8310 is a smartphone or, in other words, a device based on a mobile phone, which features OS and the functions of a pocket computer. Qtek 8310 works with Windows Mobile version 5.0.

The device is meant exclusively for work. There is no objective reason to buy Qtek 8310 or similar types of smartphones, unless you need to organize your time or you have hundreds of contacts, or you have to have constant access to the internet. However, if you are interested in at least one of the latter options, then take Qtek 8310 into serious consideration.

Due to its functional equipment Qtek 8310 has climbed up to the very top of our chart, which uses a special comparative method and is organized from the best to the worse. Qtek 8310 has outrun more than 200 mobile phones. In this respect, it was a true surprise to find out that Qtek 8310 has hit the market at a price close to 400 euro.

Descent outlook

Qtek 8310 is a classic phone in terms of construction. Even though it is "smart", its dimensions are comparable to those of common mobile phones. Due to its size (108 × 46 × 18 mm) and weight (106 g) the phone can be defined as "small and medium-heavy phone". In fact, up to this moment there has never been such a small and light smartphone on the mobile market. Have a look at the size and weight of some popular models for comparison:

  • Nokia 6230i: 103 × 44 × 20 mm, 99 g
  • Sony Ericsson K750: 100 × 46 × 21 mm, 99 g
  • Nokia N70: 109 × 53 × 24 mm, 126 g
  • Sony Ericsson P910: 115 × 58 × 26 mm, 155 g

Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310
It is really small

The design of the phone is descent; it lacks any trace of extravagancy. I would even dare label it as boring. The front dark panel is divided into two parts - the display on one hand, and the keypad on the other. The whole upper part of the front cover is black. Lighter margins are the only elements that liven up the overall outlook of the device. Both the display and the black area above it are quite glossy, in result of which every single fingerprint becomes immediately visible. The keypad is matt.

Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310
Comparison to Nokia N70

The device seems more interesting when looked at abeam or from the back. The edges on the back are rounded and thus allow for a very comfortable handhold. Although all covers are plastic, the back ones have a soft bronze metal outlook and are really pleasant to touch. To make the rear side of the device look less monotonous, the manufacturer has decorated it with a black panel, where the camera lens is located.

Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310 Qtek 8310
Black glossy plastics • attractive rear side • the camera block

The phone has brilliant construction: it is solid and none of its parts give out creaky sounds. Even if some keys sounded creaky at the beginning, they worked in with the time.

One of the best displays ever

It is appreciable that mobile phones' manufacturers have started to equip their top-class models with displays of QVGA resolution, i.e. 240 × 320 pixels. This high resolution has long been used in pocket computers only. Nowadays, it is implemented onto a much smaller surface, which results into the picture being extremely fine.

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