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Qtek 9090

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  • GIBB

GOOD, 17 Jun 2015wifi key i enter showing incorrectsame

  • lylian patronella

hey am lylian from uganda and i wanna ask for a solution here ma qtex 9600 is in germany and i wanna change it to english for easier use and whats more i cant even understand germany so please help me as quick as u can .thanks am waiting waiting for your quik response

  • GOOD

wifi key i enter showing incorrect

  • Anonymous

my Qtek 9090 is not reading the memory card. does anyone know how to repare it?

  • AnonD-47291

my qtex window mobile phone calculator is not working and also the get stated, is it that the software is not register because that is the message i got whenever i tried to launch the calculator on.
how can i upgrade the window mobile software because it come with window explorer 6.

  • heni

smart, 12 Aug 2011Please, how can I chenge the language. a friend send this ... morehi the last comment of me withe the question how to change language of Qtek 9090 is only work for to reset the language but if you dont have the rom of english language you must install the ROM. Becarefull it have so meny riscks with installing any kind of ROM. I think that you will ask me where to find and download this ENGLISH ROM. You can download from forum.xda-developers.com/. think one of the three may work

  • heni

Tam, 25 Apr 2006I just got a QTEK 9090 as a birthday gift, but the problem ... moreyou can change you ppc language by following this steps first tap the start and next settings choose system tab select regional setting the choose the language eg.English(united kingdom) and tap ok at the right top. i think that will help if it does not work try this putout your battery for 5-6 hrs and then put it this will restore to the factory. i think one of them will give you happiness.

  • smart

Please, how can I chenge the language. a friend send this to me from a Portuguese speaking country and i dont understand Portuguese language, how can I change it to English. Thanks

  • Anonymous

please how can i browse with this qtek9090? am from Nigeria, i use mtn local network. so please i have being trying to configure it but i don't know anything concerning this phone, and i love it. so please send me the right configuration. and how to go about it, thanks

  • Anonymous

adam, 30 Oct 2006hi i have qtek 9090 that was run but after it not oppen an... morecan anyone out there help me with this phone application cuz when ever i down load something from the net ican't seem to save it to the phone about application

  • aco

Its a pocket PC indeed, but in my opinion, its too big and massive to hold in a pocket. If I wore sweatpants, it would really be uncomfortable in it or if I wore it with jeans, it would be hard to sit, but thats basically everything thats wrong with it. Touchscreen is just great, screen is huge which is a big plus, qwerty keyboard could have been done better, keys are too small.

  • ???

In the specification area on gsmarena, there is usually price range for telephones presented. But not for Qtek 9090. Can anyone tell me the price of this telephone, if it is available anymore, though i don't see the reason why it shouldn't be.

  • vic

sandra, 14 Oct 2007My phone is in German...Please help urgently..how do I chan... morehello sandra, i'd read your question about changing the language of your qtek9090 from german to english, did you able to changed? how? this is my problem also. please if you could help me.thanks a lot.

  • Kelvin R Kaledzi

English_User, 27 Sep 2010I have used this device for a couple of years and it has ne... morei will like to know if any one who have used this phone before help me with it manual and also show me how to get it blue tooth to work and also how get it internet connected this mine email address kelvin_kaledzi@yahoo.com....please help,please .

  • NormanD

Incredible machine! Never dissapointed me for what is four years now! Only had to buy a new battery twice and once - a new stylus, but that is perfectly normal for a hardcore user like me. Updated the firmwate to WM6.5/Manilla and now it is faster and most responsive than ever. And what is even more - last week I managed to drop it into the kitchen sink full of soapy water. After pulling is out water was leakink out of it from every possible opening. I nearly called it a total loss, but after two days of drying with some silicagel bags around it, it came back to life as if nothing happened! (...and was definately cleaner than before the incident :) )

  • gerlie

i do have an xda lls ph20b unit but i don't know how to set up a wi-fi connection could you help me send a manual at my mail add gerliedocor@yahoo.com, thank you

  • English_User

I have used this device for a couple of years and it has never let me down! It has been invaluble for starting up my own business as all files can be kept on the memory card, accessed by the device and I can sync over my mobile network and wifi!
It renders Navigation programs with ease and it's display is brilliant.
Yes it is quite a large device, but in todays market where everything seems to "HAVE" to get smaller I still need a device that i can use with my fingers and not a silly little stick!
I rate this device as a good all rounder and won't let go of mine until it has completely died! :)

  • Nyarko Eben

I use the Qtek 9090 and i have been problem with it" the first this is it restart itself at any given time.secondly the screen these not work well as well as my battery. I as well need to change the housing buy here lays the case that am unable to got the part to buy in my country(Ghana)

  • from china

Ganbari_Hassan, 10 Mar 2010I want to update my windows Mobile to 6 or later please help meyour can download ROM from china website.there's some English Vision.

  • Ganbari_Hassan

hidayat ( Jakarta ), 05 May 2009how about i upgrade my Qtek 9090 to Windows Mobile 5 or 6.1... moreI want to update my windows Mobile to 6 or later please help me