Qtek S110

Qtek S110

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  • fatty

My qtek s 110 can not recognise Nigeria Sim card please help

  • Anonymous

whenever i try to download application from the internet it does not work on my qtek s110.please i need your help.thank-you

  • feazzz

I got a phon Q-tec S110 from Italy,.Can you help me to change the language?

  • Miguel Portugal

One of the best phones i ever had so far, it lacks the UI of the most recent phones, but it was very cool for it's time. I finnaly got it to work with TCMP with subtitles. I now can watch a full 700 MB divx movie on it, full screen.
It's battery is awesome! 8 hours talking time, or a month in standby, or 22 hours of mp3 or even 4 hours watching movies. Beat that iphone! ;D

  • Miguel Portugal

YEBOAH GIDEON KWASI , 15 Sep 2009I'm living in Ghana and I'm having problem with my phone.My... moreHi there, you might try to use the directional keys. This model of Qtek has some issues abiut the screen, for example it loses the screen allignment parameters everytime you reboot it.


I'm living in Ghana and I'm having problem with my phone.My phone is working properly, i can receive calls alright but my problem is with the touch covering the screen, it's no more sensitive so i can't go through the menu or do anything with it.How can i fix this problem because i can't afford to lose all my DATA on the phone.

  • i know it so listen

Hands down ugliest phone of all time period.

  • Anonymous

Ted Jonsson, 20 Jan 2009It's hard to find that manual /user-guide for this Pocket P... moreROM5.0

  • Ted Jonsson

It's hard to find that manual /user-guide for this Pocket PC :S
I tried following some of the links in this thread but many was broken.
I bought this 2 weeks ago and got only the device and the power adapter but nothing else and now BlueTooth gave up and i cant use BlueTooth. I want to reinstall it because device says it doesnt exist any BlueToothdrivers and i must install that. But when i got that it really did working.
Please i would be happy if i could get one copy of manual as PDF or something. Tnx from Tedino/Sweden

  • amir

ASIF, 24 Sep 2007I cannot connect to Win XP with USB cable can any help plea... moreusb

  • pete.denver@gmail.co

if the instructions are in spanish can i change the language or is this model exclusively for spain

  • Neo

Gian you may browse at google and find a Microsoft activesync 4.0 for free download. follow step by step procedures.

  • gian

i need to have a device driver so i can synchronize with my computer, where can i get it

  • Alex

Neo, 18 Aug 2008try hard reset-make sure that you press both the off/on but... morewhat key's????

  • Neo

ogo, 03 Jul 2008i cant say i have really enjoyed my s110.it is configured i... moretry hard reset-make sure that you press both the off/on button together with the soft reset. and then you'll find the selection of languages right after.

  • Neo

Is there someone who can teach me how to set up an isp (using isp prepaid card) to my unit?

I can't connect online eh. hope you could help me. tnx!

  • Anonymous

i need to change the language from french to english.does any body know any software i can use to do that?please reply at sweetog4real@yahoo.co.uk .thanks

  • ogo

i cant say i have really enjoyed my s110.it is configured in french language and i need to change it to english.does any body have an idea how i can do that?is there any specific software i need to get in other to change?any help will be greatly appreciated.my email is sweetog4real@yahoo.co.uk

  • aouad

the beam also works for bluetooth.just switch on you bluetoth n put other phones bluethooth to find me or something then wait.it will automaticaly
detect pairing device

  • Agent Navarra

QTEK S110 is good but one problem i am encountering is using my bluetooth. everytime i tried to send a file via bluetooth, what appear (upon tapping the file) is Infrared Beam only, i do refer it to the manual but still problem persist. If anybody there knows how i can use or encounterring same problem and found the solution, kindly send me a message via SMS messaging at diz no. 09294442021. Your help would highly appreciated. Thank You