Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 888 Plus with 3 GHz CPU, better AI engine

Yordan, 28 June 2021

MWC 2021 is underway, and the first major announcement comes from Qualcomm. The San Diego chip company announced the Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset with a 3GHz prime CPU core and improved AI Engine, which now performs 20% better.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus specs:

  • CPU: Qualcomm Kryo 680, up to 3 GHz, 64-bit.
  • GPU: Adreno-660.
  • AI Engine: Hexagon 780, 32 TOPS.
  • Modem: Snapdragon X60 5G Modem-RF, 7.5 Gbps DL, 3 Gbps UL, global 5G multi-SIM.
  • Wi-Fi: FastConnect 6900, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 802.11/a/b/g/n.
  • Camera: Spectra 580 ISP, Triple camera up to 28 MP, Dual camera up to 64 MP, Single camera up to 200 MP. 720p @ 960 fps, 8K @ 30 fps.
  • Display: 4K @ 60 Hz, QHD+ @ 144 Hz.
  • Process technology: 5 nm.
  • Other: Bluetooth 5.2, USB 3.1.

The chipset is pretty much the same as its non-Plus sibling, launched back in December with the big core being of the ARM Cortex-X1 variety. The big difference is clock speed has been boosted to 2.995 GHz - yes, that’s the actual number.

The sixth-gen Qualcomm Hexagon 780 AI processor can now deliver 32TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second), which is improved from 26TOPS on the regular Snapdragon 888.

The rest has remained pretty much unchanged for the past six months - Adreno 660 GPU, Snapdragon X60 5G modem with 7.5 Gbps top DL speed and FastConnect 6900 that enables all the latest Wi-Fi standards for fast-speed download when the user does not rely on mobile data.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 888 Plus with 3 GHz CPU

Representatives from Asus, Motorola, Xiaomi and vivo have already confirmed their dedication to using the new Snapdragon 888 Plus chipset in their upcoming smartphones. Devices with the new platform are expected to launch as early as Q3 2021.



Reader comments

  • 30 Jun 2023
  • CbE

hardware is compatible with software.

  • Anonymous
  • 07 Sep 2021
  • 7tV

What exactly do you geniuses mean by compatible? This ain't a PC where you can just swap the CPU. You can't upgrade your s20 ultra soc.

I know it may be silly to ask but I don't know so I'm asking anyway... would this chip be compatible with the s20 ultra? It's more than likely going to be in the s22 ultra but Australia is sadly more than likely to have any low quality...

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