Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 3+ for Snapdragon 765 devices

Yordan, 28 April 2020

Qualcomm has been developing fast-charging technologies to go with its chipsets for quite some time, but the latest addition isn't what you'd call usual. Instead of pushing the speeds higher than the last one Quick Charge 3+ is actually a slightly more limited version tailored for premium mid-rangers.

Meant for Snapdragon 765-powered devices it will fill an empty battery up to 50% in 15 minutes.

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 3+ for Snapdragon 765 devices

In a press release, Qualcomm revealed the aim of QC3+ is to bring a fast-charging solution to more affordable smartphones. Compared with previous generations, it will be 35% faster and up to 9 degrees cooler. The standard will work over USB-A to USB-C cables and will work with accessories that support scalable voltage from Quick Charge 4.

Qualcomm introduces Quick Charge 3+ for Snapdragon 765 devices

Thanks to the new single IC design, the phones won’t need OVP (over-voltage protection) chip, a sense resistor, or others. Quick Charge 3+ will have support both for wireless and wired charging, and it will even work when used simultaneously.



Reader comments

  • Sid
  • 30 Apr 2020
  • AJj

yes it does, there are research paper where the battery lives reduces by half if you charge it above 5v or charge it above 80%. Although the improvement in charging tech came a long way from it but manufacturers are willing to sacrifice life cycle to...

  • Essen
  • 29 Apr 2020
  • PId

Apologies if it's a lame query, but from whatever internet research I have done so far, I am unable to fathom this: Does any of the various quick charging tech ruin long term battery life/longevity? In the sense does your 4000mah battery become 3600 ...

  • Anonymous
  • 29 Apr 2020
  • DkY

Please tell more about the charging tips, everything you know so that I can learn some good charging habits to keep my phone strive longer... Thanks... In Advance... Will be waiting for your reply

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