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  • Sin
  • 3ag
  • 07 Sep 2022

Why did razer stop making gaming phones
is it not profitable for them ? there is a market for gaming phones

it's like ever other brand Nubia Lenovo Asu etc was like wow powerful high spec smartphone for gaming such a good ideal but razer is a shamed of it

i am confused as too why razer see it this way

A Razer phone 3 would sell well i think but razer not proud of there phones

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    • jeremy
    • Id4
    • 11 Aug 2022

    Had this phoneat least 3 years. This is the last year I will have it, I am only holding onto it now as other choices seem suboptimal for the prices and late fall early winter sees phones at discounts a lot. The USB-C charhing ports on these phones are one of the biggest failures of it. They are weak and cause issues after minimal wear or "abuse". I had to solder + tape to reinforce it, I took apart my phone to do that. Batteries go on all phones, degrading in about 2-3 years time to only a portion of what they were. Razer does not support this phone, so not having battery options or parts replacing sucks. The rear camera sucks, selfie isnt that goodand the apps for it suck. The speakers looks great, the phone cases are cool, especially the backlit logo. I wont consider it durable and the speakers do wear down.

    It has bare minimum apps for phone management and less features. Great damn specs for the proce in year 2018-2019, still the tech specs for price hold up, but it just lacks too much now. 5g is a thing to consider in new phone buying, the 4g reception I get on this phone sucks, my older phone gets better service, especially in buildings and never completely cut out, until having to restart for signal.

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      • lotsaphones
      • 42J
      • 16 Jun 2022

      For the price, this is still a great phone. These Razers can be had for $150-225USD on ebay. That's FAR less than the current 'best' gaming phones, of which only 1 is under $500USD.
      -Asus ROG Phone 5S - $780
      -Lenovo Legion Phone -$650-700
      -Nubia RedMagic 7 - $700
      -Xiaomi Black Shark 4 -$480
      -OnePlus 10 Pro - $900
      -Sony Xperia 5 III - $685

        Bee, 15 May 2022Pls is Razer phone 2 worth buying 2022?Not worth it anymore

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          • Sin
          • pwd
          • 08 Jun 2022

          Bee, 15 May 2022Pls is Razer phone 2 worth buying 2022?no the razer phone not worth it anymore

          There is better cheaper faster gaming smartphones out there even budget gaming phone are better then the razer phone 2

          maybe if it sub 100 pound but it be second hand

            Bee, 15 May 2022Pls is Razer phone 2 worth buying 2022?good luck finding it for a used, cheap price. youll get it.

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              • gangman
              • 49Y
              • 23 May 2022

              Bee, 15 May 2022Pls is Razer phone 2 worth buying 2022?NO

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                • Bee
                • r39
                • 15 May 2022

                Pls is Razer phone 2 worth buying 2022?

                  RIP Razer Phone 2 uses Snapdragon 845 for 850 EUR.

                  Better Poco F1, uses Snapdragon 845, but has price 325 EUR.

                  Glad they not produce any phone again

                    Hi everyone. I have a question for those who are running LineageOS on this device, does the custom ROM have support for working FBE or FDE encryption and is TWRP able to decrypt the data partition using pattern unlock?

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                      • Danger369
                      • vJt
                      • 26 Oct 2021

                      I also daily drive one, and have had no major issues, except a loose USB-C port (very annoying) which makes charging finicky, and disconnects from computer. Speakers don't sound as good due to a few drops somehow muffling the grills. Cases are ugly and hurt your hands, and the best looking one 'Spigen' does not protect from shock (back glass cracked after a light 30cm drop). Getting a bit over the shape as it's hard to hold, but overall it's great. Camera still decent. Battery holding up even with 120hz always on for 3yrs.

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                        • misterhermawan
                        • wrg
                        • 16 Oct 2021

                        LoveJun, 25 Sep 2021Maybe You just scamed by the seller, I have Razer Phone 2 a... moreof course .. i'm using lineage os.. and magisk tweaks..

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                          • Sapphire
                          • 0g6
                          • 13 Oct 2021

                          Great phone holds up effortlessly in 2021, going to 2022 and honestly could probably go another 3 years performance-wise easy if the battery wasn't completely wasted. Difficult to replace battery, even more difficult to find a battery that fits. Lots of these phones charging port eventually wear down and is now difficult to keep a connection. No support from Razer.

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                            • Jannbix
                            • d@J
                            • 13 Oct 2021

                            LoveJun, 25 Sep 2021Maybe You just scamed by the seller, I have Razer Phone 2 a... moreYes, I totally agree. (touch wood) I'm actually surprised how well its holding. I've sat on the charging port while it's charging countless of times, dropped it from ridiculous heights. I genuinely expected this phone to break quite quickly,, but it's lasted me since release. Even the battery is still okay, and with allot of use I get a full day out of it.
                            Very happy with the device still

                              cojoo, 28 Apr 2021do not buy this retarded phone. the software is a big joke,... moreMaybe You just scamed by the seller, I have Razer Phone 2 and it is still at great performance till today, yeah not 100 % ,but its still great

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                                • Nick 90
                                • Yd6
                                • 06 Sep 2021

                                I bought this phone two years ago when it was on sale .
                                Still working strong , I also told my friend to buy it when it was on sale (quite a big sale )
                                What I can say is the battery went down about 20 percent and the speaker phone is terrible .
                                However it's still been two years and the rest of the phone is doing me great ,for the price I paid i can't ask for more
                                My friend is also really happy and said he didn't notice any drip in performance other than the speaker phone being garbage .
                                The software hasn't been the best neither but yeah overall the phone did me right and is powerful

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                                  • Daps
                                  • Nvp
                                  • 06 Sep 2021

                                  I tried to replace my Sony Xperia XZ with a LG Wing 5G. It gave me endless issues from the get go. The classic green-screen issue. So I decided to replace it with a Razer Phone 2. Let's get the unpleasantness out of the way. The camera is crap. The battery is good for moderate use and non-extreme gaming. It doesn't concern me much, I have a mousepad with integrated wireless charging. It runs an older version of Android; so no system wide night-mode. Android 11 is supported only through LineageOS. Apart from this, I absolutely love the blocky design. It's got stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos (it's even better than the XZ) which is a massive bonus. The display is good for what it is, but not the best under direct sunlight conditions (same problem with the XZ). The device's cooling system is impressive in comparison with the Wing and the XZ (both devices gets really really hot, the Wing suffering from hot-spots). It stays responsive under extreme use which is attributed to its 8GB memory. I felt that this device would be a decent replacement for my aging Xperia XZ. A couple of months in, I'm still smiling when I pick up my Razer Phone. I would love to get another one to keep in the cupboard so that if this one fails, I've got another one :)

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                                    • cojoo
                                    • nDE
                                    • 28 Apr 2021

                                    do not buy this retarded phone. the software is a big joke, the battery
                                    also a joke. I am currently charghing this bs phone and all i see is charghing at 0%. If i remove the chargher it's still charghing at 0%. it has many bugs, crashes, all laggy now( even after hard reset). Its just so bad

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                                      • Darciukas
                                      • nbt
                                      • 26 Mar 2021

                                      This one lasted me a year and a half. Was planning to use this phone for longer. It can no longer make calls, its speakers are greatly damaged. I Will be getting an oneplus 8t soon, hope that one lasts longer.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • gxv
                                        • 28 Jan 2021

                                        Anonymous, 07 Dec 2020I agree with you. I got my Razer Phone 2 in Apr 2019. I had... moreIt should still be under warrenty if you contact their support they'll replace it for you.